COSAM News Articles 2019 November Alumni Spotlight – Emergency Medicine and the Courtroom

Alumni Spotlight – Emergency Medicine and the Courtroom

Published: 11/12/2019

By: Melanie Vynalek

With more than 29 years of practice, Dr. Edward Mallory’s work in the medical field stretches from emergency room to court room – providing patients and clients alike with the best possible care.

The College of Sciences and Mathematics (COSAM) alumnus graduated in 1982 with a Bachelor of Science degree and went on to receive an additional Bachelor of Science degree in Pre-Med and Chemistry, followed by an Osteopathic Medical Degree from A.T. Still University in Missouri.  Since then, Dr. Mallory has used his knowledge and skill to treat patients in need – currently working in emergency medicine at Rockledge Regional Medical Center in Rockledge, Florida. 

Yet in his spare time, Dr. Mallory serves the medical field in a unique way – behind the witness stand. In 2014, Dr. Mallory began Emergency Expert for You, a physician medical expert company.

According to Dr. Mallory, “I got interested in starting Emergency Expert For You because I wanted to use my education and years of experience in a new direction…Someday I plan on retiring from the emergency department, and I want an up and running business as a replacement.”

Reaching clients in-state and beyond his Florida home, Dr. Mallory finds joy in using his profession to serve others as a medical expert witness through a variety of tasks.

First, he reviews medical records and determines whether the client has a case, and if so Dr. Mallory writes a detailed affidavit about the particular wrongdoing.

If the case is not settled, Dr. Mallory is involved in a deposition – meeting in-person with the plaintiff and defense attorneys to state the alleged offense. Afterwards, Dr. Mallory testifies in a court of law during the trial.

“The goal of each case for which I am hired for is to learn if any physician was negligent.  If the physician practiced at the standard of care for that disease, I will suggest to the client to drop the case.  If the case has merit, then I will work as hard as I can to get the appropriate financial compensation for the person who received poor medical care,” Dr. Mallory said. 

Dr. Mallory’s interest in medicine began before his time at Auburn, yet COSAM provided the jump-start he needed to get where he is today.

Dr. Mallory cherishes the opportunities and relationships Auburn brought him, such as his involvement in Alpha Epsilon Delta, a national pre-health honor society.

“Auburn University is where my medical education started. I received a fantastic science foundation from Auburn that allowed me to do well in medical school and become a physician,” he said.

Dr. Mallory’s father graduated from Auburn University in electrical engineering in 1943 and was a life member of the alumni association.

During his time at Auburn, Dr. Mallory had a great four years. He lived in Magnolia Hall and worked at the AU Infirmary as an EMT. He felt as though he received a good education and was well prepared after Auburn. He appreciated the undergraduate research experience in biochemistry and went on to earn a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of South Florida.

Dr. Mallory is proud and happy to be in the Auburn Alumni family.

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