COSAM News Articles 2019 September COSAM Graduate Returns to Golf Classic 16 Years After She Received Scholarship

COSAM Graduate Returns to Golf Classic 16 Years After She Received Scholarship

Published: 09/24/2019

By: Maria Gebhardt

Erin Prince ’04 received a scholarship from the Annual Dean’s Scholarship Golf Classic 16 years ago. This year, she returned to speak at the 24th annual event.

“It was a great opportunity to reconnect with the people in COSAM who helped me achieve my goals and allow them to share in my success since leaving Auburn,” Prince said.

Prince graduated from medical school in 2008 and currently specializes in Diagnostic Radiology. Receiving a COSAM scholarship helped her concentrate on following her dream to attend medical school.

“My advice for COSAM students is to pursue what you love,” Prince explained. “It doesn't feel as much like work if you are doing what you love. Yes, medical school is hard, long and expensive, but if you have a passion for it then it is all worth it.”

Now a resident of Waco, Texas, she clearly recalls her favorite professor in COSAM.

“My favorite professor was Dr. Larry Wit,” she shared. “I absolutely loved Mammalian Physiology. It was the most challenging class in my major, but it was the best preparation for medical school. Some of the Auburn students in my class all joked that Dr. Wit's class was harder than the one we were attending the first year of medical school! So if anyone has a question as to whether Auburn adequately prepares you for professional school, I can say the answer is absolutely ‘YES’!”

Prince and her husband, Phillip, 2004 graduate of Auburn University College of Business, have invested in the Dr. Erin T. Prince Endowed Scholarship to pay their success forward. 

“Being able to financially assist a student like COSAM did for me, is a wonderful way to give back,” Prince explained. “It helps me help the next generation of medical professionals.”

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