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Message from Dean Giordano – June 2019

Published: 06/04/2019

By: Dean Giordano

The new Leach Science Center will hold its official ribbon cutting ceremony this week. The celebration will bring together faculty, staff, alumni, and distinguished speakers including President Leath, a Board of Trustee member, and Dr. James Weyhenmeyer, the new Vice President of Research for the university.

The completion of this project is a major milestone, which showcases the Department of Physics and increases the visibility of the College of Sciences and Mathematics (COSAM) throughout campus. The Leach Science Center will inspire both faculty and students, connect them together through highly visible spaces and engage researchers to help shape the future.

The building is designed with sustainable functionality, so it is as efficient as possible while made for longevity. The new infrastructure will provide COSAM with an opportunity to increase the total number of students that can take astronomy courses as well as how the instructor interacts with students to teach the course. Through the incredible advancement of a rooftop telescope terrace, students will control telescopes remotely from a classroom and be able to explore the solar system with just a few clicks of a mouse.

The Leach Science Center provides access to advanced technologies to help students prepare academically and laboratories that give them the hands-on experience to meet tomorrow’s needs in the workplace. This completion of this new center is not just an investment in our students, but an investment in the fundamental role COSAM has at Auburn University.

View this album, to see photos of our new building


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