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COSAM Leaders Reunite at A-Day

Published: 05/21/2019

By: Maria Gebhardt

“COSAM Leaders go everywhere, even space,” shared Dr. Larry Wit, professor emeritus and former associate dean of academic affairs. “Real thumbprints of COSAM Leaders were part of a mission to space with Auburn Astronaut Jim Voss.”

Dr. Larry Wit

On A-Day 2019, two decades of COSAM Leaders reunited during the Leadership Council Weekend in the College of Sciences and Mathematics (COSAM). Dr. Wit shared an array of fun memories such as students stuffing his 1971 Volkswagen Beatle.

“In 2008-2009, all 16 leaders were able to get into that VW Bug with the windows closed,” he added. “Then again, they amazed me in 2009-2010 when the students did it again and even added a stuffed animal.”

He shared more information about the memories shared over two decades, and even COSAM Leaders that found their lifelong love.

“Eight former COSAM Leaders found love and are happily married living as far away as Michigan,” he added.   

COSAM Leaders joined former alumni and conducted a panel discussion with current and former members during Leadership Council weekend. They talked about the importance of this role and how being a COSAM Leader taught them so many important skills.

Panel at the COSAM leaders reunion

In 2003, Landon Argo was a COSAM Leader.  He is now a physician specializing in Emergency Medicine in Birmingham.

“As a student, I enjoyed being able to collaborate with the entire team of COSAM Leaders and understand how administration works as a student,” he said. “It is a great experience for anyone in COSAM, and being able to come back and see all of these familiar faces is just amazing.”

COSAM Leaders then joined a tailgate celebration for A-Day. Current COSAM Leader President Haley Patterson cut the cake with incoming COSAM President Wade Jones and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Dr. Jack Feminella.

COSAM Leaders with Dr. Wit.

“I am extremely proud to know that the COSAM Leaders team is comprised of a group of talented students who will continue to make a difference for generations, and continue to raise the standard higher each year,” explained Dr. Feminella.

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