COSAM News Articles 2019 April COSAM Student Selected for the Lunar and Planetary Institute Career Development Award

COSAM Student Selected for the Lunar and Planetary Institute Career Development Award

Published: 04/02/2019

By: Maria Gebhardt

Congratulations to Al Emran from the Department of Geosciences in the College of Sciences and Mathematics (COSAM) for being selected for the 2019 Lunar and Planetary Institute (LPI) Career Development award for 2019.

“That is really what this graduate student career award at a national level is all about—we’re celebrating not only the award of research excellence, but also faculty’s success in mentoring truly outstanding graduate students in their career development,” said Chair of the Department of Geosciences Dr. Ming-Kuo Lee. “The tremendous potential graduate research in the field of geosciences is very clearly reflected in Al Emran’s award showcased here.”

This award is given to graduate students who submitted a first-author abstract for presentation at the 50th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference. “Automated object-based identification of dunes at Hargraves crater, Mars” is the title of his abstract that was chosen from 96 application from 15 countries.

“Being selected for the LPI award is always a prestigious recognition to graduate students in lunar and planetary sciences field and I am tremendously thrilled to receive this recognition," said Al Emran. “As the first Auburn student to win this award, I am honored to be recognized for the work I am doing in the field of lunar and planetary sciences.”

His research on characterizing the environmental history of Mars using orbital spacecraft data under the supervision of Dr. Luke Marzen, professor of geosciences, and Dr. David King, professor and director of concepts of science.  

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