COSAM News Articles 2019 March Auburn Soccer Goalkeeper Pursues Passion for Rocks through COSAM

Auburn Soccer Goalkeeper Pursues Passion for Rocks through COSAM

Published: 03/19/2019

By: Carla Nelson

Auburn University senior Sophie Milich began her Auburn career as a General Science Education student, but soon rediscovered her love for rocks.

“I was in Anatomy class and was also taking a Geology course at the time,” Sophie said. “[John] Hawkins’ Geology class made me realize that I wanted to study Geology.”

Sophie, who is originally from Houston, Texas, was offered soccer scholarships to several schools and said she chose Auburn because she loved the people. She has loved playing soccer since she was four-years old and currently plays for Auburn’s soccer team as a back-up goalkeeper. She said it was a transition not playing a starting position.

“I understood my role when I started,” she said. “I have loved supporting the team because we made it to the Elite 8 and Sweet 16 while I’ve been here. It was a great team and it was fun having all of those friends. It’s like its own sorority. You come in and you have those friends that are always there for you.”

Sophie hopes to one day work in the oil industry and will soon begin graduate school at the University of Texas at San Antonio, where she will also play soccer and will soon be planning a wedding.

Sophie’s fiancé, David, recently proposed on the Mercer University football field during Senior Night.

“The engagement was locally famous and was on Snapchat and everything,” she said “I was gasping for air.”

Sophie is learning more about the oil industry while working with graduate students to help them compete for the Imperial Barrel Award, an annual prospective basin evaluation competition during which teams compete to win scholarship funds for their geoscience department.

“That has been great with helping me learn more about the oil field,” she said.

Sophie said that she has enjoyed her time studying Geology through the Auburn University College of Sciences and Mathematics being surrounded by others that love science as much as she does.

“I’ve always liked science,” she said. “I’ve also always loved rocks. I remember when I was little shoving my pockets full of rocks. Seeing all of the people in COSAM that love science makes you also love science even more because you see their passion.”

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