COSAM News Articles 2018 October Dr. Ken Ono Speaks on Ramanujan at COSAM

Dr. Ken Ono Speaks on Ramanujan at COSAM

Published: 10/01/2018

By: Maria Gebhardt

Dr. Ken Ono, an Asa Griggs Candler Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science at Emory University, is the Vice President of the American Mathematical Society and “The Man Who Knew Infinity” associate producer.

On September 27, he spoke with students in the Science Center Auditorium at the College of Sciences and Mathematics (COSAM) as part of a math club guest lecture. He discussed Srinivasa Ramanujan, 1887-1920, one of the most inspirational figures in the history of mathematics.

He shared insight about Ramanujan and how this native of southern India explored the field of math at a young age on his own. He encouraged students to think about the incredible obstacles that Ramanujan faced and the impact he made even with these unforgiving origins.  Dr. Ono also explained how his passion for Ramanujan and mathematics turned into an associate producer role on set of “The Man Who Knew Infinity”with Dev Patel and Jeremy Irons.  

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