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Panama Study Abroad 2016

Published: 10/16/2015

Spring 2016 Course - Panama Study Abroad 

  • 3 credit hour course, no prerequisites, supplements your resume, work as well as enjoy Spring Break in Panama, Honors course and Sustainability Minor credit available.
  • Study the basic principles and processes that have molded the culture and environment of the Republic of Panama
  • Discussions on climate change, local, regional and global -the causes and solutions
  • Assess how Panama locals have adjusted to various changes brought by Panama Canal
  • Deal with sustainability issues, adaptation and mitigation techniques to delay and deter the impacts of Climate Change
  • Learn how to use Remote Sensing, GIS, Infrared Cameras, and other related technologies to do research in Panama
  • Panama Trip cost $1500 + Airfare and personal expenses
For more information contact:
Chandana Mitra, Geoscience Dept., email: 
Daniel McGowin, Geoscience Dept., email: 
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