COSAM News Articles 2013 May Congratulations to Nur Uddin Md Khaled Chowdhury

Congratulations to Nur Uddin Md Khaled Chowdhury

Published: 05/22/2013

Congratulations to Nur Uddin Md. Khaled Chowdhury for receiving an AAPG grant in aid through SEAPEX, the South East Asia Petroleum Exploration Society, for his thesis research on the petrofacies and geochronology of Gondwanan sequences in South Asia. Khaled was the only AAPG awardee from the state of Alabama, and he also received a large research grant from GSA in April. Khaled is shown here in the field in Jharia basin in Bihar, India. The rocks are alternating arkosic cross-bedded sandstones and laminated mudrocks of an upper Paleozoic Gondwana sequence.

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