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Application Procedures

Degree Completion Plan Procedures

*NOTE: All of the fields in the examples below will need to be edited by you for your specific situation. Make sure this is done prior to forwarding the DCP to your University academic advisor, as it is not their job to make the DCP for you. Your university advisor is merely ensuring you should meet all of your major and Auburn University requirements to graduate within the allotted time. For an example of what a completed DCP looks like, please see the examples below.

Commanding Officer
ATTN: STA-21 Advisor
Naval ROTC Unit
W. F. Nichols Center
Auburn University
Auburn, AL 36849-5512

Degree Completion Plans Example

*NOTE: Example DCP templates are included below. This document should be updated in accordance with your desired major per the AU Bulletin and also integrate our program requirements for Naval Science per our Academic Standards Instruction. STA-21 Nuclear Options may select from the following majors: Aerospace Engineering**, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Industrial and Systems Engineering, Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Software Engineering, Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics. All other STA-21 students may choose from any major offered by Auburn University with STA-21 advisor approval.

Aerospace Engineering
Civil Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Computer Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Materials Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Systems Engineering

** Currently, STA-21 students may not register for an Aerospace Engineering degree without special permission from the College of Engineering (COE). Summer classes are not offered for this degree, and it is therefore impossible to complete the degree in the time limit given to STA-21 students. If you have already completed a large enough portion of this curriculum and can prove that you are capable of graduating on time, special permission my be obtained by a request submitted on your behalf by a COE advisor.

Last updated: November 04, 2021