Naval ROTC Auburn University


NROTC academic requirements consist of three parts: your university's baccalaureate degree program with a selected academic major, NROTC-specified courses, and Naval Science courses. The Naval Science courses are instructed by the NROTC unit staff. Students will enroll in one Naval Science course each semester, unless otherwise directed. In addition, all NROTC students enroll in Naval Science Lab, a single course attended by all NROTC students intended to cover all program objectives not included in formal Naval Science courses. Topics cover Navy and Marine Corps policies, general military training, guest speakers, and other professional development subjects.  The normal Naval Science course progression is as follows:

Navy Option Scholarship specified courses include:

Navy Option College Program specified courses include:

Marine Option (Scholarship & College Program) specified courses include:

Title Year / Semester Taken Required
Intro to Naval Science Freshman / Fall All
Sea Power and Maritime Affairs Freshman / Spring All
Leadership & Management Sophmore / Fall All
Navigation Sophmore / Spring Navy option
Evolution of Warfare Junior or Senior / Fall Marine option
Amphibious Warfare Junior or Senior / Fall Marine option
Ship Systems I (Engineering) Junior / Fall Navy option
Ship Systems II (Weapons) Junior / Spring Navy option
Naval Operations and Seamanship Senior / Fall Navy option
Leadership & Ethics Senior / Spring All
Last updated: November 04, 2021