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Preparing for Graduation

Do I need to register to take a special graduation class in my final semester of my senior year?

Undergraduate graduating seniors must register for UNIV-4AA0 - University Graduation Course for the semester you intend to graduate. Your registration in UNIV-4AA0 will provide Auburn University with a list of expected degree candidates so that all the administrative work can be taken care of in plenty of time for your graduation. Pick the section that corresponds to your college. Also, please check with your academic advisor in your Dean's Office to verify that you have completed all requirements for graduation.

When should I complete a graduation check?

A graduation check should be completed with your advisor at least one academic year prior to your anticipated graduation date. Read the Graduation FAQs for more complete information. The semester you plan to graduate, you should also complete an online Diploma Application.

Which version of the AU Bulletin do I use to determine my graduation requirements?

Students should follow the graduation requirements in the bulletin of the academic year in which they began their program. Example: incoming students for the academic year 2011-2012 should follow the requirements of the bulletin issued for that year. Students who change majors will follow the bulletin for the academic year in which they began in that particular major. Always check with your academic advisor to be sure you are following the correct bulletin.

How do I order my diploma?

In order to be sure you will receive your diploma, graduating students must fill out the Diploma On-Line Application.

Please NOTE: If a student is earning two degrees, the student only needs to fill out the Diploma On-Line Application once. If Banner is coded correctly indicating two degrees, the reports from the application will populate the student's data they filled out on the application in both of the degree programs. Banner must be coded correctly.

The Diploma On-Line Application does not indicate a degree/major field for the student to select. The degree/major data is taken from Banner, therefore your information in Banner must be coded correctly.

The Diploma On-Line Application is term driven. A student must fill out the application each term they attempt to graduate. If you are enrolled in the graduation course for three different terms, then you must fill out the application each term. The data does not carry over from one term to the other.

Last Updated: August 28, 2018