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Program Assessment

The Office of Academic Insight supports programmatic student learning outcomes assessment across Auburn University's campus by hosting assessment events, reporting on academic degree program data, offering assessment resources and opportunities, providing reporting resources for academic degree program assessment reports, and offering help.
In order to systematically provide feedback to academic degree programs on their assessment process, the Office of Academic Insight implements an annual assessment report system that:

  1. Articulates quality assessment practice through a "Quality of Assessment Rubric".
  2. Provides assessment resources and professional development opportunities.
  3. Provides each program with an annual feedback report on the quality of their assessment practices.

Calendar of Events



Dates & Events
April 19 - July 1 Assessment Reports Due
July 19 - 27 Meta-Assessment Institute
October 1 Feedback reports distributed by the Office of Academic Insight

Academic Degree Program Data

of programs submitted an assessment report
Programs recieved highest quality assessment rating in 2019
Programs maintain mature assessment practices
Overall average Auburn University assessment report quality

Overall Assessment Maturity by Year

Note. In 2020, 96 programs received "exemplary" status (up from 36 in 2019) indicating the programs were rated as a 3 (mature) or above on every element of the Quality of Assessment Rubric, of which 19 received a rating of 4 on every element of the Quality of Assessment Rubric.

Overall Assessment Maturity, by year

  • 2016: Beginning was 32%; Developing was 44%; Mature was 24%; Exemplary was 0%
  • 2017: Beginning was 10%; Developing was 37% Mature was 53%; Exemplary was 0%
  • 2018: Beginning was 8%; Developing was 27%; Mature was 63%; Exemplary was 2%
  • 2019: Beginning was 6%; Developing was 25%; Mature was 65%; Exemplary was 4%
  • 2019: Beginning was 5%; Developing was 18%; Mature was 69%; Exemplary was 48%

Auburn University Quality of Assessment Over Time


Auburn’s Office of Academic Insight endorses a five-element assessment cycle, which is directly aligned to the Quality of Assessment Rubric and Assessment Report Template (see below) and supports student learning outcome assessment at every phase of the assessment cycle (i.e., outcome creation, curriculum mapping, research design, measurement selection/creation, and using results to improve student learning).

Reporting Resources

All academic degree program assessment reports are due by July 1 each year. Reports may be submitted as early as April 18th. Programs may choose to use the Office of Academic Insight’s Assessment Report Template, though it is not required. Reports should be submitted as Word or PDF files via the Box link below. The submission process is outlined below. Additionally, you may see our frequently asked questions page for assistance.

Your report title should follow this format: College_Program_Degree_2022. For example: LA_PsychologicalSciences_BS_2022.

Report submission will be open on April 18 and will conclude on July 1.

Report Submission

April 18 - July 1

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Meta-Assessment Institute (Peer Rating)


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Feedback Reports Distributed

October 1

Reporting Submission

Please submit your Assessment Report by uploading it via Smartsheet. Click on the button below and log in with your AU credentials. Then, follow the prompts on the form.

Request Help

To discuss support options or to meet with a member of the Office of Academic Insight please email us at with the following information:

  • Name:
  • Email:
  • Program Name (or institution if outside Auburn University)
  • What kind of support might you be interested in?
  • Please indicate up to three dates and times that you may be available to meet (if relevant)
Last updated: March 24, 2023