This page is intended to highlight some of the accomplishments and achievements of our former student workers.

Former Student Employees

Hunter Terry

Hunter Terry earned a Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering in May of 2020 after working with SCORE as a student employee. Hunter then continued working for SCORE fulltime through 2022 where he then accepted a position as a design engineer for Challenger Defense Solutions. While at SCORE he aided in innovating the methods of running robotic competitions as well as trainings. Hunter is an avid outdoorsmen enjoying camping and hiking with his friends and family in his free time. 

Omar Zuaiter

Omar Zuaiter began working for SCORE as a student employee in the spring of 2019 while earning his Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering. During this time he was a large part in trainings and tournament preparation and execution. While earning his Bachelors, he also aided in starting the VEX-U Competitive Robotics team at Auburn University, and even led the team to high placement in competitions. After completion of his bachelor degree, he continued to earn a Masters of Engineering at Auburn University as a Graduate Assistant for SCORE. Upon completion of these degrees, he accepted a position at Futaba as an automation engineer. 


DJ Smith

DJ graduated from Auburn University in May 2023 where she studyied Industrial Engineering. She has accepted an engineering postion at UPS in Pennsylvania. DJ is the founder of the Robotics Outreach Student Organization and a member of the Auburn’s VEX U Robotics Team. DJ’s dream job upon graduation is working as a roller coaster engineer. DJ enjoys watching scary movies in her free time and hanging out with friends. 

Tre Knight

Tre began working for SCORE while he was earning his Bachelor of Mathematics in the department of Sciences and Mathematics at Auburn University. During his time at SCORE, he learned of his passion for teaching during the first year of SCORE's community robotics team. This led Tre to become a mathematics and robotics teacher at Auburn Junior High School.He is also currently working to earn his Masters in the Arts of Teaching. 

Nia Perkins

Nia earned a Bachelors of Mathematics from Alabama State University prior to working for SCORE. Nia then came to Auburn where she earned another Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering while working as a Student Employee for SCORE. Now, Nia works as a Procurement Engineer for United Controls International.