Book Contribution
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In addition to his research activities, Dr. Bozack has a distinguished career in science
education and continues to publish actively in the area.  His most recent contribution is a
book written to help students with the high school to college transition, to be released on
January 1, 2009.  It can be pre-ordered through
Barnes and Noble and

Table of Contents

1        Introduction

  • The National Downward Trend in American Education
  • When Feel Good Education Hurts
  • Why Money and Computers Aren’t the Savior
  • Monetary and Societal Value of Being a Good Student
  • Should Everyone Go to College?
  • What about Advanced Placement (AP) Courses?

2        The Students of Today

  • The Millennial Generation
  • Characteristics of Millennial Students
  • Riding the Crest of Grade Inflation
  • Surviving the Dreaded Freshman Year
  • Whatever Happened to Curiosity?
  • The Numbers and Nerds Hardship

3        Distinctives of Christian Students

  • Christian and Secular Students
  • The Value of Secular Higher Education
  • Christian College or Secular University?
  • Role of the Christian Work Ethic
  • What Should Motivate Students?

4        Strategies for Academic Success

  • The Learning Onion
  • Strategy #1:  Developing Effective Study Skills
  • Strategy #2:  Time Management        
  • Strategy #3:  Test Taking
  • Strategy #4:  Using Campus Resources
  • Strategy #5:  Navigating the Career Process        
  • Strategy #6:  Setting and Achieving Goals
  • Strategy #7:  Changing Bad Student Habits

5        How Professors Work and Why You Should Care

  • Getting into Your Professor’s Mind
  • Why Students Fail Classes
  • Passion and Tough Love
  • Getting to Know Your Teacher Personally
  • What College Professors Do Besides Teach
  • Why There Aren’t More Good College Professors
  • The Role of Gender in Learning
  • How Professors Grade

6        Managing Student Life

  • Enjoying College Life
  • Choosing a College Living Situation
  • Working During College
  • Getting Through College in Four Years
  • Handling College Relationships
  • Resisting Negative College Influences
  • College Sex
  • Drugs, Booze, Cigarettes
  • Influence of the Culture on Christian Students

7        Living the Christian Life as a College Student

  • The Importance of Quiet Time
  • Choosing a College Church
  • Being a Christian Witness on the Secular Campus
  • Valuable Christian College Ministries
  • Doing Volunteer Work in College
  • What to Do When the Bottom Falls Out
Did You Know?

Craig Barrett, former CEO
of Intel Corporation, says
"if we could capture 1% of
the hot air on this topic
and turn it into results, it
would be wonderful . . .
the longer kids stay in the
system, the worse they do
compared to their
international counterparts.
In fourth grade, our kids
are roughly comparable.  
By eighth grade, they are
behind.  By the 12th
grade, they are
substantially behind other
industrialized nations."
Did You Know?

The Manhattan Institute
(2005) reports that only 32%
of high school seniors
graduate with the skills
needed to succeed in

Achieve, Inc., a school
group led by business
leaders, found that more
than 70% of high school
seniors attend 2- and 4-year
colleges, but nearly HALF
end up taking remedial
English or math courses.