Short History
Michael J. Bozack received his B.S. and M.S. degrees in physics from Michigan State
University and a Ph.D. degree in applied physics from Oregon Health and Sciences
University (OHSU).  At OHSU, he worked for Dr. Lynwood W. Swanson (founder of FEI
Corporation) and Dr. John S. Blakemore (of
Solid State Physics and Semiconductor
fame) on the surface physics associated with B- and As-emitting liquid metal ion

Next, he was a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Surface Science Center at the
University of Pittsburgh, where he performed pioneering experiments with Professors J. T.
Yates, Jr. and W. J. Choyke on Si and SiC surface chemistry, epitaxial growth, methods in
semiconductor surface chemistry, and electron-stimulated desorption (ESD and ESDIAD)
of F+ from Si(100) surfaces.  

Later, he moved to Intel Corporation as chief surface scientist during development of the
386-486 (pre-Pentium) microprocessor.  During this period the Materials Technology
Group at Intel experienced tremendous growth with the addition of nearly $20M of surface,
thin film, and materials instrumentation to support VLSI technology throughout Intel.

Currently, Dr. Bozack is Professor of Physics at Auburn University and Director of the AU
Surface Science Laboratory (AUSSL).  His research interests include gas- and metal-
surface reactions, semiconductor surfaces, thin films, ohmic and Schottky contact
development, semiconductor processing technology, wide bandgap electronics, liquid
metal alloy wetting, and Pb-free solder technology, and tin whiskers.  Current work
focuses on the details of chemical reactions between liquid and solid surfaces.  The
focus is to obtain a microscopic description of surface dynamic processes by exploring
the kinetics of surface reactions and the nature of the surface chemical bond.

Dr. Bozack has published over 150 professional papers related to his research.  He is a
member of the American Vacuum Society (AVS), Materials Research Society (MRS), and
the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT) and is a consultant to numerous
large corporations such as the U.S. Customs Research Laboratory, Eagle-Picher
Industries, Cessna Aircraft, Aragon Elastomers, Chrysler Corporation, and Molex Inc..  For
several years, he has served as a publications referee for the Journal of Applied Physics,
IEEE Transactions, the Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology, and Surface Science

He was a nominee for the 1998 Michigan State University Outstanding Alumni Award and
won the 1997 Distinguished Alumni Award from Lansing Community College in Lansing,
MI.  He was awarded the AU Alumni Undergraduate Teaching Excellence Award in 1997,
given to the top five professors at AU.  In addition, he has won the AU Outstanding
Professor Award (1998) from the AU Panhellenic Council and was the Professor of the
Year in the AU College of Sciences and Mathematics (1995).

Honors and Awards

  • Nominee, Michigan State University Outstanding Alumni Award, 1998.
  • Outstanding Alumni Award, Lansing Michigan School District, 1998.
  • Distinguished Alumni Award, Lansing Community College, 1997.
  • AU Alumni Undergraduate Teaching Excellence Award, 1997.
  • AU Outstanding Professor, Panhellenic Council, 1998.
  • Professor of the Year, College of Sciences, Auburn University, 1995.
  • Clark Fellowship, OHSU (top Ph.D. candidate).
  • Valedictorian, Western Conservative Baptist Seminary.
  • Academic All-American, Michigan State University
  • Highest rated physics teacher at Michigan State University.
  • Patents: US patent for "Enhanced-Wetting, Boron-Based Liquid-Metal Ion Source
    and Method," Patent Number 5,871,848, February 16, 1999.  
  • Recipient:  Silver Quill Award (Motorola Corporation) for paper "Materials
    Interactions in the Integration of PZT Ferroelectric Capacitors," presented at the 6th
    International Symposium on Integrated Ferroelectrics, Pennsylvania State
    University, March, 1994
M. J. Bozack at his usual place
in the surface physics lab.