Geosciences Onboarding Guide

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Welcome to the College of Sciences and Mathematics at Auburn University! The purpose of this guide is to help answer most of the questions you may have as you get settled in your new position. It is also a useful everyday guide on how things work and who to contact in order to get things done around here!



One of the first people you should be in contact with is Ashleigh Rudd, our office supervisor. She can answer some of your questions and point you in the right direction. All new hires must now go through the Auburn University Onboarding Center to complete HR paperwork and get their Banner ID and ID card. If you ever have HR questions, Stephanie Woodley and Katherine Calloway from the Human Resources department in the College of Sciences and Mathematics (COSAM HR) are great resources.


Banner ID

The most important thing you need to have before you can really get started is a Banner ID number. This is the 9-digit number that will be printed on your university ID card.


User ID

Your user ID is the first part of your Auburn email address, which typically follows this format: (first initial)(middle initial)(last initial)(4-digit number) However, there are also older User IDs which follow a different format: (first five letters of last name)(first initial)(middle initial)


Where do I park on my first day?

Until you are officially in the system (i.e., you have a Banner ID number), you won’t be able to register your vehicle for a parking pass. Before coming to the department, you should head over to Parking Services, park in one of their guest parking spots, and go inside to get a temporary parking pass. Parking Services is located at 330 Lem Morrison Drive, Auburn, AL 36849. Their office is on the second level of the parking garage.


Useful campus maps:


Get to know the Geosciences main office staff! They can help you with all of the following:

Ashleigh Rudd - Office Supervisor

  • HR liaison and overall payroll functions
  • Key and card access requests
  • Facilities work orders
  • Room reservations
  • Submission of Purchase Orders & Requisitions
  • Office supply orders
  • Name plates for offices
  • Leave requests
  • Travel/vendor vouchers (Geology & Geography)
  • New hire paperwork
  • Purchasing agent & p-card reconciliation
  • Events/Interviews scheduling
  • Student registrations/drop-add


Amy Goode - Accountant

  • Assistance with pre-award and post-award research administration
  • Questions regarding spending and travel policies
  • Grant accounts, expense accounts, and startup accounts
  • Labor distribution changes for funding of teaching assistants (TA) or research assistants (RA)
  • Student stipends/fellowships/travel awards
  • Quarterly E-certs reviews, salary wage transfers
  • Approval of P-card charges, financial documents
  • Account monitoring and management


Kiley Coan Administration Support

  • Travel vouchers (Geography)
  • Department social media work
  • Department annual newsletter - eGeotiger
  • Archives of student grades
  • Archives of student assessment reports
  • Facilities work orders
  • Office reception (Geography)


Anthony Hall Lab Manager/ Course Scheduler

  • Course building and adjustments
  • Classroom acquisitions
  • Helping the Chair with faculty and graduate student office assignments
  • Property maintenance and management
  • Lab safety
  • Phone requests
  • Space survey and management
  • Building and space issues
  • Classroom and teaching labs management
  • Web maintenance and development
  • Facilities and labs work orders
  • Departmental Classroom IT support


Katie Brown NRT Administrator

  • Coordinating NRT recruiting, training, and meeting



New graduate students should complete the following training as soon as possible: 

  • GTA Orientation (Through Biggio Center). This orientation session is required for any graduate student who will be teaching in the classroom or lab.
  • Sexual Harrassment Prevention Training . This training is required by The Graduate School and Auburn University for all new graduate students.
  • Lab Safety Training (through RMS). This mandatory training needs to be completed annually.
  • Managing Regulated Waste Training (through RMS). This mandatory training needs to be completed annually.
  • Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Training (through the CITI program). This training is required of any graduate student working on a federally-funded project, but Auburn University strongly encourages that all researchers complete this training. Therefore, it would be a good idea for all new graduate students to do this training as soon as possible.



The basic process for getting a key to your office/lab or card swipe access to a room/building involves first filling out a request form, which can be downloaded from the Facilities Access Control website. Then take the form to Ashleigh Rudd.

Once the form is submitted to Access Control, it can take anywhere from a few days to a week, depending on how busy they are, to get your key(s). You should receive an email when your key is ready to be picked up from the Access Control office, which is located on the bottom floor of the Stadium Parking Deck (corner of Heisman and Duncan Drives, near the Roosevelt Concourse). Note that there are no email notifications sent when your card swipe access is activated, so the best way to find out is to try swiping your card to see if it opens the door.

Download and fill out the Key Request Form or Key Card Access Request Form ahead of time to speed things up.


Some policies regarding key/card access:


Undergraduates may not obtain keys or key card access to any rooms or buildings.


Graduate Students

Before a graduate student may obtain card swipe access to the Geosciences Building and a key to their lab, they must have completed the mandatory annual “Lab Safety” and “Managing Regulated Waste” training offered by AU Risk Management & Safety (RMS). They must also have completed lab safety training specific to the research group that they have joined. All of this should be documented on the Safety Training Documentation Form – bring the completed form with you when you go to the Geosciences main office to request your key/card access.


Tenure-Track Faculty

Tenure-track faculty should obtain a sub-master key that opens their office and all the labs, as well as any individual operational keys that they need to access other lab spaces. Sub-master keys currently do not exist for the Extension Hall building, so only operational keys may be requested.


Leaving the Department or University

When you leave the department or university, you must return all of your keys to Access Control.