Unofficial Syllabi for Astronomy

Objectives of the class

  • To learn the astronomical phenomena.
  • To understand the basic principles which govern the astronomical phenomena.
  • To investigate an astronomical topic and present findings effectively.


  • Gravitation
  • Light and Telescope
  • Atoms and Spectra
  • Sun
  • Stars
  • Galaxies and Cosmology

1. Attendance in the labs  
2. Project

Topics: Anything related to astronomy.

Format: A 15-minute PowerPoint presentation (Page 1 : Title and the participants in an alphabetical order; Last page: two important questions in multiple choice format)

Use diagrams and pictures well, limit the use of sentences in the slides, try to expose ideas & logic rather than array of facts.

Possible Project Topics

  • Inner planets (Mercury, Venus & Mars)
  • Outer planets
  • Earth’s inner structure
  • Earth’s magnetosphere
  • Global warming
  • Comets and asteroids
  • Astrobiology (Life in an extreme environment, outside of the earth)
  • How astronomical instrument works
  • Ancient astronomy
  • New object discovered in the last 10 years
  • History of cosmological ideas