Physics Facilities

Exceptional Facilities

In addition to its outstanding people, the Physics Department boasts state-of-the-art facilities for performing research at the forefront of science. These include the following:

The Compact Toroidal Hybrid, a magnetic confinement fusion device, is being used to test new theories of plasma containment and to help understand the intricacies of plasma transport and dynamics.

The Accelerator Laboratory employs a linear accelerator to apply the techniques of nuclear physics to probe the structure of solids, surfaces, and their interfaces.

The Laboratory for NanoPhotonics provides for the use of advances in solid state physics and optics to manipulate, utilize, and study light-matter interaction in a reduced dimension.

The AMO Physics Laboratory houses instruments for studying the interaction of atoms and molecules with ionizing radiation.

The Dusty Plasma Facility houses a powerful magnet to create dusty plasmas with magnetized dust.

Auburn faculty and students make extensive use of Computational Facilities including local clusters and millions of cpu hours on off-site super computers.