Computational Resources

Auburn's Physics Department offers extensive, modern, user-friendly computer resources for students and faculty. This page will serve as a high level description of available resources. At this time, the following information is relevant:

Analytical Tools

The following analytical tools are available for Faculty and Student Use:

Compiler Packages

The following compiler packages are available for Faculty and Student Use:

Compute Cluster Resources

This department manages and administers the College of Science & Mathematics' PRISM research cluster. This cluster is comprised of 96 AMD Athlon MP CPUs running Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5. We recently upgraded to the latest release of The Portland Group's PGI Cluster Development Kit and Altair Engineering's Portable Batch System (PBS) queuing software. The cluster supports parallel processing via the Message Passing Interface (MPI).


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PGI Compiler Documentation Hosted On This Server:

The Portland Group's Documentation index page is here.

PBS Documentation Hosted Locally:

For additional information regarding computational issues not discussed here, please email