Earth System Science

Department of Geosciences

The Interdisciplinary PhD Program in
Earth System Science (ESS)



Affiliated Colleges and Programs

College of Sciences and Mathematics
School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences
College of Agriculture
College of Engineering
College of Liberal Arts
International Center for Climate and Global Change Research


Research Opportunities and Laboratory Facilities

Students will be engaged in all aspects of research and mentored by strong cross-disciplinary faculty group, including new faculty hires from the CHESS   (Climate , Human , and Earth System Science ) cluster initiatives. Students can choose among various areas of academic specialization (e.g., climate and earth systems, geological sciences and energy, environmental biogeochemistry, water resources and hydrology, coastal processes, ecosystem and food security, coupled natural and human systems, geospatial sciences, big data science, etc.). Laboratory and coursework provide students with a multidisciplinary background that will enable them to conduct state-of-the art research in earth system science. Auburn’s state-of-the-art analytical and computational facilities and labs are available to all students in the PhD program.

Department of Geosciences Research Instrumentation and Facilities
Auburn Allied Facilities


Affiliated Faculty for the Program

College of Sciences and Mathematics

Department of Biological Sciences

  Nanette Chadwick

  F. Stephen Dobson

  Aaron Rashotte

Department of Geosciences

  Laura Bilenker

  Luke Marzen

  Stephanie Shepherd

  Philip Chaney

  Karen McNeal

  Ashraf Uddin

  Bill Hames

  Chandana Mitra

  Richard Vachula

  David King

  Ann Ojeda

  Lorraine Wolf

  Ming-Kuo Lee

  Stephanie Rogers

  Haibo Zou

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

  Ash Abebe



School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences

  Christopher Anderson

  Art Chappelka

  Latif Kalin

  Sanjiv Kumar

  Christopher Lepczyk

  Graeme Lockaby

  Wayde Morse

  Susan (Shufen) Pan

  Lisa Samuelson

  Larry Teeter

  Hanqin Tian



Samuel Ginn College of Engineering

Department of Civil Engineering

  Xing Fang

  Frances O'Donnell

  Jose Vasconcelos

Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering

  Kai H. Chang

  Wei-Shinn Ku

  Bo Liu


College of Agriculture

Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology

  Loka Ashwood

  Ruiqing Miao

  Denis Nadolnyak

Department of Animal Sciences

  Russell Muntifering



Department of Biosystem Engineering

  Sushil Adhikar

  William Batchelor

  Puneet Srivastava

Department of Crop, Soil and Environmental Sciences

  Charles Y. Chen

  Yucheng Feng

  Brenda Ortiz

  Di Tian

  Matthew Waters


Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology

  Nannan Liu



School of Fisheries, Aquaculture and Aquatic Sciences

  Dennis DeVries




College of Liberal Arts

Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work

  Kelly Alley




Auburn University Montgomery

Department of Biology and Environmental Science

  Benedict Okeke




Ph.D. Program Contact Information

Dr. Edward Thomas, Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies,, 334-844-4126

Dr. Ming-Kuo Lee, Professor of Geosciences,, 334-844-4898.