Undergraduate Research

Undergrad research collage

The department has a long history of undergraduate participation in faculty research.  This experience may be as short as a single semester or may last for a year or more and even culminate in a published paper.  There are opportunities for participating in both field-based and laboratory-based research.  Students interested in participating in research should talk with faculty members whose work is of interest to them.  Most of our faculty have extensive web pages describing their research.  To learn more about our faculty's research interests check out the faculty web pages.

Students can earn credit towards their degree for their research experience.  Once you and the faculty member have agreed on the project, you should enroll in undergraduate research course-BIOL 4980.  See below for more information on BIOL 4980.  Research can also be done on a volunteer or paid-basis.

BIOL 4980 Undergraduate Research:  Students can enroll in 2 to 4 credit hours of BIOL 4980 each semester.  Keep in mind that 1 credit hour requires 2 to 3 hours of work each week throughout the semester.  A total of 6 credit hours may count towards your degree.  To enroll in BIOL 4980, please complete the registration form, obtain the signature of the faculty member and return the form to Michele Smith in Room 101 Rouse Life Sciences Building.

Both COSAM and Auburn University offer undergraduate research fellowships.  For more information on some of these opportunities click here.