Internships and Study Abroad

Internships and Study Abroad programs are a great way to translate your academic work to real-life experience.  This can also be a great way to learn about career options in your field. 

Making the most of internships requires planning.  Students often complete internships during the summer, but the deadlines for many internships are in December or January so it is important to plan long before summer. 

The variety of internships is remarkable.  Some provide the chance to participate in research at other universities or with research firms.  There is also the opportunity to gain experience working with non-profit organizations and companies.  It will take some perseverance to find the right internship for you, but the opportunity is well worth the effort.  Use the list below as a source of possibilities and new ideas for a program or project that fits your interests and goals.

Some internships offer payment but many are volunteer-based.  You can earn credit towards your Auburn degree while studying abroad or completing an internship.  To earn credit for an internship you must identify a faculty sponsor (this can be your faculty advisor), complete the BIOL 4920 Internships in Biology form and register for the course prior to beginning the internship.

Here's a short list of possibilities.  If you don't see something here, keep looking.  There's nearly no limit to the possibilities!

More information on Study Abroad opportunities are available through the Auburn University Office of International Programs.