Cascade Corner

Tips, Steps and Help to Using the Content Management System

Below are questions that we have answered about the COSAM website. Please feel free to review the questions and answers about the college's website:

What is Cascade?

Cascade is the university's content management system. It is an easy-to use online interface that provides a platform to update and maintain the website. 

Do I need to pay to host?

No, not at all.  The website is hosted under the university with no fee to any department or office. 

Is the website backed-up? Do I have to do this?

With a content management system, you do not have to worry about backing up any data.  

What if I want my own domain?

For COSAM-related content, all pages must stay under the URL. 

What if I want to host my own site?

Unfortunately, the university does not allow offices or departments representing the Auburn brand to host external pages that would be linked to

Who handles the website?

COSAM Communications and Marketing is responsible for the COSAM website. COSAM IT does not issue access to the website and does not update it since it is a public-facing platform. 

What if I delete pages?

All pages that are accidently deleted can be easily restored. Please let us know and we can help you restore the data.

What if I made a mistake and deleted part of the page that I need?

We can restore a previous version, so you do not have to redo the work. Please call us or email us.