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Auburn University's new Youth Protection Portal, which is hosted by Ideal-Logic, will be used to better track youth program information such as personnel lists, background checks, training, and third-party documentation.

Most programs involving minors will begin the registration process in the Campus Event Planning System (CEPS) as usual. If the program submitter indicates that minors will be present at the event, they will receive an email prompting them to log in to the Youth Protection Portal to continue the registration/approval process.  Events that do not register in CEPS, such as off-campus events, may begin the registration process in the Youth Protection Portal.

The event information entered in CEPS will be imported into the Youth Protection Portal to minimize entering the same information twice. Please verify that the imported information is correct, answer the additional questions, and upload the requested documents. The session can be saved to continue later if the information or documents are not currently available. 

These changes are expected to make Youth Protection Policy compliance more efficient:

  • Youth Program Form: The youth program form is no longer required. The dean, director, department head, or chair of the department listed as AU Sponsoring Unit will receive an email asking them to log in to approve the program. 

  • Document Uploads: The personnel list, facility use agreement participant list, etc. may be uploaded in the Youth Protection Portal rather than in CEPS.  The submitter, Program Director, and Program Contact will be able to quickly see which documents have yet to be uploaded.

  • Background Checks: Our background check process will be integrated into the Youth Protection Portal in the future. Until that occurs, please add your personnel to your event and their background check statuses will be updated within 2-3 business days. If you have questions about background checks, please email or call 334-844-2626.

  • Youth Protection Training: Youth protection training completions are updated every business day morning.

  • Volunteer agreements: Volunteers will be asked to complete the volunteer agreement form in the Youth Protection Portal. The volunteer agreement status is updated as soon as the volunteer completes the form.

  • Reminders: The Youth Protection Portal will send periodic reminders about items that have not been completed.

  • Messaging: Youth Programs can email all of their personnel or email personnel who are not in compliance.

  • Third-party Youth Programs: Background checks and training completions are shown for informational purposes only, as third-party youth programs may use a different vendor for background checks and training.  The Youth Protection Portal will show whether the person has a current background check through AU and current training completion through AU on file.

If you need assistance with the Youth Protection Portal, please email or call 334-844-2626.

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Last updated: 10/12/2022