Auburn University (Main Campus/AAES/ACES) offers many compliance related training programs and courses. Individuals or departments wishing to learn more about content or availability of a specific training program should contact the responsible unit. If you are interested in compliance related training not listed below, contact the Office of Audit, Compliance & Privacy and we will help direct you to the correct contact.

# Program Scope Delivery
1 TIX compliance for Grad Student Assistants Graduate Assistants Live and online
2 TIX Compliance for Faculty & Staff All Employees Live (monthly) and online
3 TIX Compliance for various groups, upon request (tailored to group) Some students, some faculty and/or employees Live
4 ADA Accommodation Process Supervisors of employees Live
5 Anti-Discrimination/ Harassment Training Supervisors Live
6 Anti-Discrimination /Harassment Training Non-Supervisory Employees Live
7 Affirmative Action for Supervisors Supervisors Live
8 TIX Compliance for Faculty & Staff Newly Hired Employees Live

# Program Scope Delivery
1 HIPAA Compliance Basic Overview of HIPAA Compliance Live/On-line
2 Pharmacy Law Basic Overview of Pharmacy Law Compliance & HIPAA Live
3 HIPAA Privacy & Breach Case study overview offered to covered entities Live
4 Overview of Higher Education Risks New employees (Presented at New Employee Orientation) Live
5 Ad-hoc Internal Control topics Topics and attendees vary widely depending on request Live
5 Conflicts of Interest and Conflicts of Commitment Policy, Disclosure process, and scenarios Live/On-Line

# Program Scope Delivery
1 OM 220 Property Control- Individuals with property control responsibilities Live
2 CT600 e-journal training in SSB - Anyone with SSB access/journal entry responsibilities Live
3 Endowment Orientation Overview of the endowment process presented to Office of Development new employees Live
4 Property Service Overview Details the responsibilities and actions required by departments- Available to units on campus, around the state and county ACES offices Live
5 How to initiate surplus property work order Description of the process to initiate a surplus property work order- Available to units on campus, around the state and county ACES offices Embedded within the Surplus Property webpage
6 Securing the Human (SANS) Employees of departments that accept credit card payments Live
7 Annual Payment Card Industry (PCI) Training Employees of departments that accept credit card payments Live
8 Merchant Services Training Employees of departments that uses credit card machines Live
9 OM130 Student Financial Services Topics include: Cost of attendance, the billing schedule and questions about student billing, preparing a collection report, process of collecting and safe guarding monies. Live
10 How to Hire a Foreign National Provides information concerning the process to hire a foreign national for HR personnel Live
11 OM190-COMPASS Introductory Course to Sponsored Projects Administration Open to anyone Live
12 SP100- Sponsored Projects Certification Program (OM190 required) Anyone who has completed OM190 Live

# Program Scope Delivery
1 Campus Security Authority (CSA) All identified CSAs Live or on-line
2 Emergency Preparedness All employees Live
3 Active Shooter Response All employees Live
4 First aid/CPR Employees Live
5 Campus Community Emergency Response Team (CCERT) Employees identified as volunteers for the CCERT program Live
6 Building-specific Emergency Response Plan Employees in each campus building Live
7 AED Familiarization Employees Live

# Program Scope Delivery
1 Sans Security Training New Employees/PCI Employees (Credit Cards) On-line
2 Phish Exercise/Training Quarterly Automated program that sends emails, if user clicks on email, a training message is delivered
3 Cybersecurity Awareness Employees and Students Various activities including, cybersecurity month (October), articles, email, etc.
4 HIPAA Training IT Personnel in Pharmacy and Speech and Hearing (Main Campus) Classroom instruction
5 Application Development Training Security training for student developers and full time OIT employees Online (White Hat Security)

# Program Scope Delivery
1 Hiring Foreign Nationals Human Resources liaisons in colleges/departments Live

# Program Scope Delivery
1 Procurement and Bus Services Class High level overview of our office and what we are responsible for. Live - HRD
2 Contracts Class Overview of contract law and contract review Live- HRD

# Program Scope Delivery
1 Banner Admin Training Advisors: initial access and requesting advisor roles to obtain Advise Assist Live: 1 on 1 generally
2 Banner Admin Training Advisors: follow up/changing roles/adding additional access Live: 1 on 1 or group training
3 Banner Admin Training Admins/Faculty: student information access/schedule building Live: 1 on 1 for initial training; group or 1 on 1 for additional training and assistance
4 FERPA Faculty/Staff/GAs/Student Workers Live: occasionally on video conference: Could be groups or 1 on 1
5 FERPA Parents/Camp War Eagle Live: Large groups presentation
6 Astra Schedule Training Faculty/Staff-Schedule Building Live: 1 on 1 generally for initial training; could be group for follow up and refresher training, or 1 on 1 for additional assistance; Some follow ups by phone or e-mail
7 Degree Works new user training Advisors and Admin staff Live
8 Degree Works Upgrade Changes College designees Live
9 Catalog/Curriculum Inventory Management System Training Page owners, course and program submitters (new or changes) Live, phone, email

# Program Scope Delivery
1 Human Subjects Research All Key Personnel on IRB Protocols Web
2 Animal Care & Use All individuals involved in the care and/or use of live vertebrate animals Web
3 Conflict of Interest in Research PHS proposing and/or funded Investigators Web
4 Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) NSF funded students and postdocs Web
5 Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) UDSA / NIFA funded project personnel (every 5 years) Web
6 Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) All faculty and staff involved in research Web

# Program Scope Delivery
1 Annual Security Refresher Training Cleared Personnel Live/On-line
2 Insider Threat Awareness Cleared Personnel Live/On-line
3 DoD Cybersecurity Awareness Cleared Personnel On-line
4 Counterintelligence Awareness and Security Brief Cleared Personnel and Export Control Live/On-line
5 Derivative Classification Training Cleared Personnel who process classified information On-line
6 Threat Awareness Reporting Training Personnel working on U.S. Army Contracts Live
7 IWatch Personnel working on U.S. Army Contracts Live/On-line
8 OPSEC Awareness for Military Members, DoD Employees and Contractors Most DoD Contracts (both cleared and export control) On-live
9 CITI Training Export Control Module Export Control On-line

# Program Scope Delivery
1 Regulated Waste Management (Chemical, Biological and Universal Waste) Initial training for all personnel who work with regulated substances such as chemicals, biological materials and/or generate waste fluorescent lamps, batteries or mercury containing equipment. Personnel must complete this training at time of work assignment and annually there after Live or on-line
2 Environmental Awareness (Waste Management, SPCC, Storm Water Management) This is a required awareness training course designed to introduce personnel whose activities are linked to various regulatory requirements. Regulations covered include regulated waste management, spill prevention control and countermeasure (SPCC) for oil containing devices and storm water management. Live
3 Hazardous Materials-Receiver Training One time training for all personnel who may sign for, open or deliver packages of hazardous materials. Live or on-line
4 Hazardous Materials Shipping (Dry Ice and Biological Substance Category B) Initial training for all personnel who ship non-hazardous materials with dry ice by air transport and those who ship Category B Biological Substances with or without dry ice by air transport . Personnel must complete this training before shipping dry ice or Category B biological substances and every two years thereafter. On-line
1 Defensive Driver All drivers Online
2 Van Safety All drivers of 12 & 15 Pass Vans/minibuses Online
3 Protecting Children Those interacting with minors Online
4 Harassment Faculty, Staff, and Administrators ? inc. supervisors Online
5 Incident Reporting HRD Live
6 University Contracting & Risk Transfer HRD (in conjunction with PBS) Live
7 Golf Cart Safety Golf Cart Drivers Online
1 Biological Select Agents and Toxins Program Biological Select Agents and Toxins Regulations according to (HHS/CDC 42 CFR 73; USDA/APHIS 7CFR 331 and 9CFR121). Training is for personnel within the Select Agents Program (individuals who possess, use and transfer biological select agents and toxins). Live
2 rDNA NIH Guidelines for Research Involving Recombinant (rDNA) and Synthetic Nucleic Acid Molecules. This training is for all personnel who work with rDNA and synthetic nucleic acid molecules. On-line
3 Bloodborne Pathogens Training for all personnel who work with Bloodborne Pathogens. Training reviews the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard 29 CFR1910.1030 and its requirements. Personnel are introduced to occupational exposure risks, exposure control plan and employer/employee responsibilities related to compliance with the Standard. Live
1 Pesticide Worker Protection Training This training covers the National Worker Protection Standard for Agricultural Workers and Pesticide Handlers Live
2 Safe Handling of Hazardous Drugs Safe procedures for handling hazardous drugs in animal facilities. Live
3 Animal Emergency Care Plan Training This training covers animal care procedures during emergency situations by reviewing the Facility Animal Emergency Care Plan Both (On-line/Live)
4 Safety Fundamentals for College of Veterinary Medicine Reviews the vaccination requirements, basic safety, disposal of medical waste, pharmaceutical use, toxicology, job specific protocols, and on the job injury reporting. Live
5 Lawn Equipment Safety This training reviews safe operation practices of lawn care equipment. Live
6 Tractor Safety This training reviews safe practices for operating farm tractors. Live
7 Emergency Response Plan Training Offered through Public Safety but is tracked by RMS for employees that fall under the animal safety program. Live
8 Heat Stress Prevention in Agriculture This training reviews how to recognize symptoms of heat stress and how to avoid heat related illnesses. Both (On-line/Live)
9 Chainsaw Safety This training covers basic safety and PPE for chainsaw use. Live
10 Large Animal Handling Federation of Animal Science Societies Video On-line
11 Snake Identification This training covers how to determine whether a snake is venomous or non-venomous. Covers characteristics and habitats of snakes found in Lee County Alabama. Live
12 Fire Extinguisher Training Training that details the elements that create a fire, preventative measures, and how to use a fire extinguisher utilizing the PASS method. Live
13 Hot Work Details what would trigger a hot work permit to be issued, and how to apply for one. Live
14 Cooking Safety Originally created for RA's to educate residents on cooking safety within resident halls. Currently used as a educational resource on fire prevention methods when cooking. On-line
15 Museum of Natural History Stat-X Suppression System Training Created to guide designated personnel on how to use the Stat-X suppression system, and who to contact with any issues. Both (On-line/Live)
16 Fraternity Fire Safety Training Details fire safety fundamentals, fire prevention methods (i.e. fire loads, electrical safety, event safety), as well as, includes fire extinguisher training. Live
17 Respirator Protection Training that details when respiratory protection is needed, types of respiratory protection, medical surveillance, and fit testing for all individuals required to wear respirators as part of their job duties. Both (On-line/Live)
18 Golf Cart and Low Speed Vehicle Training Details the safe operation of, registration requirements, and equipment requirements for golf cart owners and operators. On-line
19 Back Safety and Lifting Details the proper way to lift and carry objects to prevent injury. Both (On-line/Live)
20 Ladder Safety Details the safe use of ladders in regards to use, inspections, and placement. Both (On-line/Live)
21 Asbestos Awareness Details all informational aspects of asbestos in our environment, and compliance with AU's Asbestos Program. On-line
22 Powered Industrial Equipment Safety Training details safe operation of forklifts, inspections, areas of operations, and operator requirements. Followed with live/hands-on training. Both (On-line/Live)
23 Shop machinery and Equipment Safety training Details equipment inspection, shop environment expectations, and safe operation of shop equipment. Both (On-line/Live)
24 Fall Protection Details the ABC's of fall protection, forms of fall protection, when to don PPE, how to inspect PPE, and when PPE is required. Both (On-line/Live)
25 Hazard Communication/Global Harmonization Details how to identify chemical hazards in the environment by labeling, pictograms, and how to read/follow a safety data sheet. On-line
26 Lockout/Tagout Training used to detail energy sources, steps to effectively isolate those energy sources, and compliance with AU expectations. Both (On-line/Live)
27 Office Ergonomics Available for office personnel in help to identify how to set up their work space ergonomically to better promote a healthy work environment. Both (On-line/Live)
28 Personal Protective Equipment Details the hierarchy of controls, the purpose of PPE, when it is required, and the importance of wearing when required. On-line
29 Aerial Lift Available for individuals who need to use scissor or boom lifts. Details safe operation of equipment, and is followed by hands-on training of equipment. Both (On-line/Live)
30 Wood Shop Safety Similar to shop machinery, wood shop safety details safe operation of specific equipment used in the wood shop environment. Live
31 Slips/Trips/Falls Details causes definitions, causes, injuries, and prevention methods to eliminate slip, trip, and falls. On-line
32 Hand and Power Tool Safety Details hazards associated with portable power tools, common injuries, general safety precautions, and safe use of portable equipment. Both (On-line/Live)
33 Confined Space Awareness Details what is considered a confined space, examples of, permit required confined spaces, atmospheric hazards, and entry procedures for both non permit and permit required confined spaces. Both (On-line/Live)
34 Hearing Conservation This training reviews the anatomy of the ear, symptoms of hearing loss, and when hearing protection is required. Live
1 Introduction to Radiation Safety This is an initial radiation safety instructor led training that introduces basic radiation safety principles, techniques, and requirements along with supplemental documents containing relevant safety and compliance information. At the end of the training session, a take-home quiz will be provided and students are expected to complete and submit to the RSO within 2 weeks. Live
2 Introduction to Analytical X-Ray Safety This is an instructor led training that educates personnel on proper work procedures and safety guidelines for work with X-ray diffraction and cabinet type x-rays Live
3 Laser Safety Training Web-based laser safety training for all personnel routinely working with or potentially exposed to Class 3B or Class 4 laser radiation. This course provides a complete understanding of the requirements of a safe laser environment including discussion of the hazards, safety devices required, procedures related to operating the equipment, warning sign requirements and also the proper application of laser safety control measures. On-line
4 Radiation Safety for CVM Web-based Radiation Safety Training developed for Veterinary personnel providing information about basic radiation safety principles, general population exposure versus medical exposure , medical/occupational exposure at Auburn University, radiation safety rules to reduce occupational exposure, and dosimetry guidelines. On-line

# Program Scope Delivery
1 Student Affairs: Security Compliance Checklist Not a training but a checklist given to each Student Affairs employee before they are given access to Banner or Student Affairs shared drives Hard Copy checklist with links to online trainings (SANS, etc.)
2 Accessibility: Annual Training with Admissions and Office of the Registrar General disability compliance and case law In person
3 Accessibility: Faculty Development Overview of accommodations process and compliance requirements for students with disabilities. In person
4 Auburn Cares: Critical Incident Response Team (After hours emergency protocol) Protocol training for all CIRT members In person
5 Greek Life: IFC Risk Management Training Held each semester: discuss risk management protocol; safe alcohol usage; security and emergency plans In person
6 Greek Life: Fire & Life Safety Training Facility and fire support; emergency evacuation protocol In person
7 Greek Life: Fraternity and Sorority Event Training Policy compliance; Student Event Organization policy and event registration protocol; alcohol usage; emergency plans In person
8 Greek Life: IFC Judicial Board IFC judicial overview; review of anti-hazing policy, social policies; sanctioning In person
9 Health Promotion & Wellness Services: Alpha Point wellness educational module Compliance with VAWA and Campus Save Act; covers sexual violence definitions and policies; campus community resources. For incoming students. Online
10 Health Promotion & Wellness Services: Green Dot Training (sexual violence prevention) VAWA and Campus Save Act In person
11 Student Conduct: Student Conduct Board Training Conduct committee operations and Code of Student Conduct In person
12 Student Conduct: Third Party Investigator Training University policy; organizational procedures and investigation protocol In person

AUM Compliance training list coming soon.

Last updated: 02/09/2023