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The furniture and technology available in active learning classrooms promote key communication and collaboration skills employers demand when recruiting college graduates. Student should prepare for EASL classes by either completing assigned readings or watching digital content before class. Faculty spend class time engage students in collaborative activities and discussions with their peers over class content.

Preparing for an EASL Class

  1. Come to class prepared: Active learning classes are different from lecture of seminar classes. You will be expected to do things in class, not revisit the readings assigned before. Not doing the reading or pre-work will limit your learning and your ability to contribute.

  2. Manage your attention: While technology is often used in active learning classes, it’s important that you keep your focus on the task whether it’s group work or lecture. Consider putting away your device until you need it.

  3. Class engagement comes in multiple forms: Your peers will be an integral part of your learning and success in an active learning class just as you will be integral to their learning. Expect to share your thoughts and ideas with peers in small groups, write on glass boards or report out group takeaways to the larger class, and engage in online discussion boards outside of class.

  4. Find the importance in every assignment: Motivation requires you to connect what you’re doing to what you deeply care about. Grades along will not motivate deep learning. Participating in an active learning class develops skills to prepare you for the workplace such as communication, group work, and familiarity with technology. Similarly, course content can be connected to real world applications in your field. Understanding

  5. Communication with your professor: Active learning classes require you to move more, share more, and communicate more than other classes. To ensure your needs are met, be prepared to communicate with your instructor about your comfort, needs, or accessibility concerns. If the opportunity arises, engage with your professor when they ask for your feedback on what is and isn’t working well in the class. Learn about when your professor offers office hours and take advantage of them.

Scheduling an EASL Class

Student leaders may request to schedule an EASL space for their registered student organization here