Auburn University

Active Learning Center

Engaged and Active Student Learning (EASL) relies on high levels of student engagement and activity to create a collaborative and energetic classroom environment between students and instructors. EASL learning spaces support the core elements of active learning: student-centered teaching and active engagement in the learning process.

Auburn’s active learning spaces, the Mell Classroom Building @ RBD Library and the Academic Classroom and Laboratory Complex (ACLC), as well as other buildings and classroom spaces across campus, facilitate student learning through flexible, open, and technology-infused classrooms. All rooms allow for an active and more personal learning experience for students and faculty.

EASL rooms facilitate engaged learning by integrating innovative technology with key communication and collaboration skills necessary for post-graduate success. Types of learning spaces include:

EASL Classrooms

Flexible learning spaces that are equipped with modular tables and chairs to allow for different group configurations...

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EASL Laboratories

Innovative labs that are designed to be flexible teaching spaces and that can be used for lab or classroom instruction.

EASL Lecture Halls

Lecture halls can accommodate up to 300 students, depending on the room. Surface top and under worksurfaces...