Student Learning Outcomes

Physics Department Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) 

The following are student learning outcomes (SLOs) for our physics graduate program. These SLOs are applied to the courses and are assessed based on the specifically designed rubrics. A student completing our program should be able to:

Student Learning Outcome 1

Demonstrate the graduate-level conceptual understanding of fundamental ideas in physics in the following core areas: Classical Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism, Quantum Mechanics, and Thermodynamics/Statistical Physics [MS/PhD].


Student Learning Outcome 2

Apply adequate graduate-level mathematical methods in expressing the laws/concepts of physics, in building physical models, and in solving physics problems [MS/PhD].


Student Learning Outcome 3 

Demonstrate strong problem-solving skills at graduate-level via constructing appropriate strategies and utilizing necessary computational toolsets/approximation methods [MS/PhD].


Student Learning Outcome 4 

Communicate graduate-level scientific ideas and concepts effectively both in oral and written forms [PhD].


Student Learning Outcome 5

Demonstrate independent scholarship by conducting original scientific research with creatively and logically formulated argumentative procedures [PhD].