Computational Resources

Computational Resources

Auburn's Physics Department offers extensive, modern, user-friendly computer resources for students and faculty. This page will serve as a high level description of available resources. At this time, the following information is relevant:

 As part of COSAM, physics faculty and students have access to the local CASIC supercomputer. This machine has over 1000 computational cores, with a combined physical memory of several Tbs. This facility combined with ongoing access to the Alabama Supercomputer Center allows computational research at the highest level to be carried out within the department.

Analytical Tools

The following analytical tools are available for Faculty and Student Use:

Compiler Packages

The following compiler packages are available for Faculty and Student Use:

Compute Cluster Resources

Physics faculty and students have access to two local clusters as well as off-site super computers.


PGI Compiler Documentation Hosted On This Server:

The Portland Group's Documentation index page is here.

PBS Documentation Hosted Locally: