Frequently Asked Questions


Who can use Air Transportation services?
ONLY Auburn University faculty, staff, and official guests with proper approval may use Air Transporation services. Read more in the AU Travel Policies.

What is the Ride-Share Travel Program?
The Ride-Share Travel Program can provide timely air transportation to university personnel on official business utilizing space available seating on university owned airplanes. Cost sharing among the users allows for economical air travel while eliminating the worry about missed connections, lost baggage, overbooking, unknown maintenance standards or airport/airline security. Utilizing Air Transportation Department (ATD) aircraft for university business enables Auburn University to maximize its two most important assets: people and time. Learn more about how to sign up at our Ride-Share Travel Program web page or call us at 844-4216/4117.

How long in advance should I book a flight?
Booking your flight as early as possible is best. In the event of a last minute trip, Air Transportation will work with you to arrange the flight if possible.

How much does it cost to fly?
Total costs depend on many factors. Please contact our office at 334-844-4216. Our staff will be able to provide you with detailed information. Under many circumstances our rates are competitive or less expensive than commercial flights.

How safe and secure are your flights?
We feel our flights are very safe and secure.You will be flying with our in-house Auburn University pilots and crew.

Do you handle air transportation other than passenger flights?
Yes, we can usually acommodate your needs. Our staff can answers your questions once they know your specific needs.

Can I schedule my flight to leave and return the same day?
Often that is possible. Booking early is the best way to guarantee your schedule.

Do you fly into small airports?
Depending on the destination we may be able to acommodate you. Please call to confirm.