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Tips to personal money management during covid-19

The Regions Financial Wellness Program offers students four resources:

Bill Hardgrave

Bill Hardgrave,


“By working with Regions, we are giving students the knowledge they need to make smart, informed financial choices.”

Regions Financial Learning Center

Regions Next Step Financial Learning Center is an interactive, mobile-first financial literacy solution. Auburn students can engage with content on a desktop, tablet or phone. The platform contains modules and activities that can be completed in approximately five minutes.

The Financial Learning Center is organized around playlists of topics that can be clustered in different ways depending upon the needs of Auburn University.

Stephen Sadie

Stephen Sadie

SGA Treasurer

“Having a platform like iGrad gives students immediate access useful tools that will help us make more informed decisions. Auburn and Regions have always placed a strong emphasis on student feedback when developing programs, and we are excited to see how students utilize this platform to best prepare for their financial futures.”

Next Step Reality Check

Regions Next Step Reality Check is an interactive and engaging way for Auburn students to learn about building and balancing a budget. The goal is to make the assigned decisions during the course and complete the experience with a budget surplus. During Reality Check, students will be assigned a persona and then select real-life options that will directly impact their budget.

Anders Carlson

Anders Carlson,

Student Athlete

“Helping students not only succeed during their time at Auburn but also after they graduate with useful financial knowledge is a great improvement on campus. I look forward to seeing the positive impact that it makes in my life and the life of other students here at Auburn.”

In Person Seminars

Regions associates are available to engage with Auburn students in-person through easy-to-understand seminars and action-oriented handouts to get them on the road to financial success.

Marisa Singh

Marisa Singh,

Graduate Student

“Financial literacy is a foundational skill all students should master before they graduate, regardless of the economic climate. Auburn University’s partnership with Regions addresses this challenge head on. Learning the basics of managing money now will go a long way in post-grad life.”

Eric Smith to visit campus

Every year, Regions and Auburn welcome a guest speaker to our campus. In spring 2021, Regions will bring Eric Smith, The Financial Literacy Coach, who has taught money skill to more than 125,000 college students, thousands of NFL and NBA player, and corporate employee groups.

Eric Smith

Eric Smith,

Financial Literacy Coach

“Your finances don’t have to add to stress and anxiety during these unusual times. Financial literacy helps you learn to become more in control of your money and better prepare you for times like we are living in now, and Regions Next Step is helping to make that happen.”

For more information please contact Michael Mccay or 334-844-4744

The Financial Impact of Covid-19 on Auburn Students

33 percent of students

have been impacted by their ability to repay any outstanding student loans

80 percent of students

do not have an emergency fund or savings account

76 percent of students

have been financially impacted by Covid-19

60 percent of students

are worried about finding employment after graduation

Last updated: October 26, 2021