Resources for teachers

  • Alabama Learning Exchange
    This website provides a database of lesson plans created by Alabama teachers and submitted to the site. They are searchable by grade level and subject area. ALEX also includes a digital copy of the Alabama Course of Study, a database of Podcasts, and many more resources. You can even create your personal workspace to bookmark favorite lesson plans and links.

  • PBS Teachers
    This website gives links to lesson plans, online educational videos for streaming, interactive games, and online professional development. Teachers can filter results by the grade level they teach.

  • Scholastic Teacher Resources
    What a plethora of resources! Scholastic provides lesson plans, a helpline, free printables, lots of student activities, and links to motivate readers. One of the best things about Scholastic is the teacher blogs. The blogs are kept by current, innovative teachers and give inspiring ideas to practicing teachers.

  • Busy Teacher's Caf?
    This site for K-6 teachers provides lots of time saving resources. It includes planning ideas for literacy centers, LOTS of printables, classroom management tips as well as teaching strategies. If you are struggling to come up with strategies for how to teach any topic, there are wonderful ideas on this site.
  • Teach-nology

    Teach-nology provides a plethora of resources, including over 30,000 lesson plans. It also includes printable worksheets, rubrics, Webquests and more.

Resources for students

  • Internet for Classrooms: Grade Level Help
    This is an incredible website that provides links broken down into grade level and further into subject. Within each subject are links to online games. Some games (especially for younger students) may need instructions from an adult, but most are self explanatory.

  • Math Magician
    Provides timed math practice for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems on a variety of difficulty levels. There is even an option to print out awards for successful completions.

  • Alabama Virtual Library

    For residents of Alabama, this website provides links to databases, encyclopedias, and many more resources for students in grades K-12 as well as adults.

  • African American Registry
    This website is a database of famous African Americans. There are available text articles and resources and individual names are searchable as well. You can also browse by categories such as Abolitionists, Activists, Musicians, Actors, and many others.

  • KnowPlay online Dictionary and Thesaurus
    This website provides a dictionary, thesaurus, rhyming dictionary, encyclopedia, quotation look up, CIA World Factbook, Fine Artist Look up, and acronym look up. Each area searches a reputable source (such as Merriam-Webster), and many of the fields will automatically fill themselves in as you type, such as the thesaurus and dictionary.

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