Safety Terms: Glossary of Technology Terms and Slangs

AUP: (Acceptable Use Policy) policy created by the school that outlines rules for internet users to follow and the consequences for violating them. AUP's must be signed by students, parents, and staff members.

cyber bully: like traditional schoolyard bullying, this form of bullying is done to mock, intimidate or humiliate the target in order to give the bully a sense of power. It is not done in person, but over a digital medium (e-mail, chat rooms, instant messaging, text messages, social networks, etc.)

e-mail: (electronic mail) method of communication that allows users to send text based messages via computer or cell phone (e.g., G-Mail, Yahoo, MSN).

friending: a term /slang often used by teens to describe the action of adding someone as a friend to your Facebook or MySpace page.

hacking: the unauthorized and unlawful access to a computer and its data with the intention to do harm. A hacker is the individual who hacks into the computer.

internet filter: security software used by schools to block students from sites containing lewd, malicious, or other inappropriate content.

MMORPG: (massively-multiplayer online role playing game) a game where players can interact and play with other people around the world. Often requires the players to complete missions/quests in order to level up their character (become stronger). Most MMORPGs require a monthly subscription fee.

phishing: a scam in which a website or e-mail appears to be authentic and reliable in order to acquire credit card or bank information. E-mails often appear to be from a bank asking for verification of user information.

proxy: websites that allow network users to bypass the internet filter in order to gain access to blocked sites.

server: computer in a network with the sole purpose of storing data and programs to be accessed by other computers.

social networking: online sites (e.g., Facebook and MySpace) that allow users to connect with other users around the globe and allow them to send messages, share photos, build a profile (includes personal information), and play video games.

text message: form of text based messaging that can be sent from one cell phone to another.

a form of micro-blogging that allows users to post short (one to two sentences) status messages (called twittering). People often comment on what they are currently doing or thinking. Users can sign up to follow someone's Twitter.

video game addiction: a psychological disorder in which an individual becomes addicted to the rewards received in video games. The individual often shows signs of depression and can be belligerent when someone attempts to stop them from playing. Children often exhibit a decline in academic achievement.

World of War Craft: created by Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. and is currently the most popular MMORPG with over 11 million players as of 2010. Players create their characters and join up with other players to complete quests and gain levels and items as a reward.

YouTube: a website developed by Google that allows users to upload video for public viewing.

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