Backing up your data

There are many important reasons to back up files on your computer. Computers can crash for various reasons ranging from viruses to old age. Worst of all, these things can happen when we least expect it. By backing up your files, you can ensure that your information is not lost when an unfortunate event occurs. It is also important to back up your data in more than one location. backup

Portable devices such as external hard drives or portable jump drives can be lost so having files in multiple locations is a smart way to protect your data. Some of the various ways to back up your data are external hard drives, portable jump drives, saving to multiple computer hard drives (such as on a work and personal computer), or by email. Emailing files to your own email account allows you to access the files from any location. One of the most popular e-mail providers for this purpose is Gmail by Google because each user is provided with over 7 gigs of storage. By taking the time to back up your files you can avoid losing important information if an accident occurs.

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