Frequently Asked Questions


Do you charge for your services?
No. Web design services from the Office of Communications and Marketing are free for Auburn University colleges, schools and departments.

How do I start the process to get a website?
Contact the Office of Communications and Marketing at 844-9999.

How long will it take to get my site online?
This depends on the size of the site, what your needs are, how quickly we can obtain key content from you, and your approval processes. Most clients find that once we start on your site, development proceeds fairly quickly.

Do you provide photos?
The Office of Photographic Services in the Office of Communications and Marketing has extensive photographs available for campus here. For subject matter for which there are no photos, we can schedule a shoot. There is no fee for this service.

Who will maintain my site?
Once you have an overall template from us, someone in your area is responsible for day-to-day updates and textual changes. A content management system makes this process much simpler, and several colleges and schools already use one.

Can I design my own look or hire someone externally to do it?
To provide a unified Auburn presence, make it easy for all visitors to know they are on an Auburn page, provide consistent navigation and meet certain accessibility standards now being required of state institutions, it is critical to utilize a consistent framework. As with print publications, merchandise or any other Auburn promotional vehicle or item, a consistent university look and feel helps protect Auburn's image and marks, and builds the value of the Auburn brand. Also, a consistent look and feel is a top request of web users nationally: if someone does not feel comfortable in your site and cannot easily find information, they'll leave your site very quickly. For those reasons, consult with us before proceeding with your web project to make sure you will meet these requirements.

However, the template designs for the departmental level primarily require a standard header that contains top navigation and a logo and a footer that requires the departments address and contact information, and that's it. The dominant area of the page allows for customized content such as creative text, varying layout, flexible photograph size, use of complementary (but not clashing) color, flash animation, slide shows, blogs, videos, etc. Faculty and staff can also use a personal website provided by the university that has no design requirements (see below).

Many of our clients have found that hiring externally for web design can cost much more than planned, including charges for all minor text changes or calendar postings, and often external vendors do not create sites fully meeting accessibility requirements. OCM's services are free from start to finish, and we can assist you in training someone to do standard updates.

Can I have a personal website?
Yes, faculty and employees can develop their own web pages, as long as university policy is followed. There are no design standards required for these pages.

Website Components

Why do I have to have an Auburn logo on my page?
Because you are using a page that belongs to Auburn University, and all visitors need to be able to easily recognize they are on an Auburn page. We also try to keep certain elements (such as a standard header) consistent throughout all University web pages to aid in navigation and present a unified Auburn image.

I need to put a form/survey on my website to collect information. How do I do that?
We can assist depending on the complexity of the form, but can advise you if programming assistance from the Office of Information Technology is needed.

Can I have a photo gallery on my site, use flash animation, or do a slide show or use a video?
Yes. The dominant area of space on your page allows you to use creative innovation, but we do advise not to go overboard so that the user is delayed in getting to the information they seek or distracted from easily finding that information.

Why do I have to list contact information and address at the bottom of my site, and have other required links at the top of my site?
Contact information (e-mail address, phone number, address) should be clearly visible on the footer of every page: it is one of the more common pieces of information sought; at the top of each page providing standard navigation is an essential element for any web site, including an index, people finder, and search. Having such information helps keep visitors on your site, makes it easy for them to search and return, makes it easy for them to contact you and helps them navigate easily through the entire Auburn site.

You may also wish to provide a physical address – not just a PO Box – so visitors can find your location using mapping software, and also to assist those sending packages or overnight deliveries to your office.

Can I add a blog?
Yes. Blogs, podcasts and videos can be added.

Last Updated: Aug. 23, 2010

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