Official Colors


Primary Blue

Primary Blue
Hex: #03244d
R: 3
G: 36
B: 77

Primary Orange

Primary Orange
Hex: #dd550c
R: 221
G: 85
B: 12

Secondary Blue

Secondary Blue
Hex: #496e9c
R: 73
G: 110
B: 156

Secondary Orange

Secondary Orange
Hex: #f68026
R: 246
G: 128
B: 38


Complementary Colors

Complementary colors are not for dominant use on Auburn web pages, but to do just what the name implies: complement or enhance. While a color wheel or chart available on the World Wide Web can help, we have found that many colors contrast very nicely with Auburn orange and blue and help achieve a polished and professional appearance.

As the new site is implemented, complementary colors will be added here.

Last Updated: Aug. 22, 2010

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