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Baby Yourself Program

If you or your spouse are pregnant, Baby Yourself offers individual care by a registered nurse. Please call BCBS nurses at 1-800-222-4379 (or 733-7065 in Birmingham) as soon as you find out you are pregnant.

If you enroll in the Baby Yourself Program during the first 16 weeks of your pregnancy your employer will waive the inpatient deductible of $200 for the delivery of your baby.

For more information visit the AU Health Insurance website.

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If you have an HR-related question, contact Stephanie Woodley, 4-5872, or Katherine Calloway, 4-8698.

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Issue 4 - October 2019

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Message from the Dean

As a result of what we learned from the Table Talks a year ago, COSAM has engaged in a number of programs/initiatives to address your concerns, and we have announced that work in various ways. However, I just got a note from joyce informing me that a number of emails she has received indicate that some folks in COSAM are unaware of these new initiatives. I had planned to talk about them in the town hall meetings that are scheduled for staff and for graduate students, but it may be worth it for me to list some of them here:

  • We have set up a room for nursing mothers.
  • The town halls mentioned above will become a regular program.
  • A special leadership assessment and development program for the COSAM leadership team (Dept. Charis, Associate Deans, unit heads, etc.).
  • A program for young faculty to foster the effective mentoring of graduate students.
  • The creation of the COSAM Champions group who serve as mentors/helpful advocates for folks that need help with problems.
  • A new COSAM onboarding program for new staff and faculty is now under development.

Most of these have been described in the new COSAM HR newsletter and I’ll be saying more about them at the town hall meetings.

Dean Giordano

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