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Tuesday, October 08, 2019


2019 COSAM Distinguished Alumni Award Recipient: Rosemary Kopel Brown

“Rosemary has an infectious love of learning,” explained Auburn University’s First Lady Susie Gogue, during her introduction of Rosemary Kopel Brown, the 2019 recipient of the COSAM Distinguished Alumni Award, at a dinner held in her honor on Friday, September 27. Learn more about Rosemary Kopel Brown.


COSAM Researcher Reunites Dozens of Baby Alligators with Mother

It was just a typical day in the field for Dr. John Finger when he reunited dozens of baby alligators with their mother. Find out more about this 200-pound female alligator, and how she and her babies were freed


CEO Speaks to Math Club about the Importance of a Degree in Mathematics and Statistics

“A degree in mathematics and statistics is extremely sought after,” Ria Persad explained. “While the job may not be called mathematician, what we do has practical applications across every industry.” Read more about her lecture and the future career paths she discussed


COSAM Junior Pursing Childhood Dream of Veterinary Medicine

“A lot of people through the years kind of change their mind, but I grew up basically watching Animal Planet, veterinary shows – It’s just always been animals,” said COSAM student Emily Brown. “I started working at a clinic two summers ago now, and fell in love with it, fell in love with everything there. That’s when I decided this is the life I want.” Check out this future vet.


COSAM Staff Spotlight - Jeff Estep

In this COSAM Staff Spotlight, learn more about Jeff Estep who manages the Research Electronics Support Facility in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. Click here to read his spotlight.


Loch Selected as Alumni Professor and Reflects on the Importance of Teaching

“Former students that remembered my class after all of these years remind me that as a professor and researcher, we truly make a difference, and we leave a lasting legacy at Auburn University and beyond,” Dr. Stuart Loch said. Find out more about this alumni professor in the Department of Physics

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