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Tuesday, May 28, 2019


Alexandria Bredar Co-Chair for the 2020 Electron Donor-Acceptor Interactions at the Gordon Research Seminar

“I am truly excited to have been elected by my peers in the area of electron donor-acceptor chemistry to chair this seminar,” Alex shared. “My co-chair and I are particularly excited to plan a panel with career chemists to discuss the importance of science communication with the opportunity for graduate students and post docs to learn ways to improve their communication skills.” Read more about Alex Bredar being the Co-Chair for this important seminar


Dean Giordano Selected as Fellow of the Acoustical Society of America

“It is an honor to be recognized as a fellow of this respected organization that provides a platform for theoretical and applied knowledge, and has set a high standard for acoustical science for the past 90 years,” said Dean Giordano. Learn more about Dean Giordano as a Fellow of the Acoustical Society of America


COSAM Student Participates in Quantum Key Distribution Project at Oak Ridge National Laboratory

"This summer I will be working on a project focused on improving the security of the cyber and communication systems supporting U.S. Department of Energy infrastructure,” Davis explained. “Under the leadership of my mentor Dr. Nicholas Peters, I will work to explore the possibilities and challenges of deploying quantum key distribution in our current infrastructure.” Learn more about this impressive summer internship for Davis


Department of Biological Sciences Celebrates DNA Day

“DNA Day is a great way to highlight science to students and our alumni,” explained Dr. Scott Santos. “Our department shared facts about DNA that increased awareness and importance of our field.” Check out the posts from DNA Day


COSAM Faculty Recognized for Advancement

COSAM faculty were recognized at a luncheon for their advancement. From receiving tenure to being promoted to a senior lecturer, we congratulate these 10 faculty.

Dr. Eduardus Duin Speaks About Helium Shortage and is Featured on

Dr. Duin, a professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, shared insight about the current helium shortage impacting not just balloons, but essential healthcare. Read his expert answers and check out this article on that includes his insight.


Auburn Inspires Faculty with New Leach Science Center – Students Will Experience Astronomy in a Way that Was Not Possible Before

“The astronomy classroom will be a great teaching tool,” Dr. Halford added. “Students will be able to control the telescopes using computers and look at their images as they come in. They'll experience astronomy as an observational science in a way that was not possible before at our university.” Read more about how the Leach Science Center will transform learning


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