About Us: GeoFIDE

Geosciences For Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity

GeoFIDE Mission Statement:

  • Geosciences for Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity (GeoFIDE) is an action-oriented task force created and staffed by socially motivated faculty and graduate students of the Department of Geosciences at Auburn University that aims to make assertive and ambitious changes that facilitate a culture for inclusion by providing equitable opportunities to create a more diverse department. We are working closely with the College of Science and Mathematics and across departments therein to define, address, and rectify issues of systemic and structural inequity and injustice within Geosciences and STEM. We are seeking transformative justice in our field because of the boundless values the richness of experiences and expertise that is intrinsic in a more diverse populous. In achievement of these goals, we strive to generate a ripple-effect that permeates the entire field of Geosciences and create lasting improvements.


  1. Creating and following through with inclusion, diversity, and equity goals for the department.
  2. Serving as an accountability structure for the department and for university leaders to ensure an inclusive and equitable environment.
  3. Listening to those who might feel unheard or misheard in the department. In the event of departmental incidents, as determined by any involved party, GeoFIDE will serve as a task force for honest and confidential discussions, with seeking resolutions as our top priority.




Graduate Students