Current Members of the Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees consists of sixteen members: one member from each congressional district, one member from Lee County, five at-large members, and the Governor, who is a member ex officio, with full voting powers.

Trustees are appointed by a committee, by and with the consent of the State Senate, for a term of seven years. Trustees may serve no more than two full seven-year terms. A member may continue to serve until a successor is confirmed, but in no case for more than one year after a completion of a term.

Preview image for Governor Kay Ivey
Kay Ivey
Governor of Alabama
President of the Board
Preview image for B.T. Roberts
B.T. Roberts
District 1
Preview image for Clark Sahlie
Clark Sahlie
District 2
Preview image for Bob Dumas
Bob Dumas
District 3 – Lee Co.
President Pro Tempore
Preview image for James W. Rane
James W. Rane
District 3
Preview image for Jimmy Sanford
Jimmy Sanford
District 4
Preview image for William P. Ainsworth
William P. Ainsworth
District 5
Preview image for Elizabeth Huntley
Elizabeth Huntley
District 6
Preview image for Caroline McDonald Aderholt
Caroline McDonald Aderholt
District 7
Preview image for Michael A. DeMaioribus
Michael A. DeMaioribus
District 8
Preview image for James Pratt
James Pratt
District 9
Preview image for Raymond J. Harbert
Raymond J. Harbert
Preview image for Quentin P. Riggins
Quentin P. Riggins
Vice President
Pro Tempore
Preview image for Wayne T. Smith
Wayne T. Smith
Preview image for Zeke Smith
Zeke Smith
Preview image for Timothy Vines
Timothy Vines