Charter Service Request Form (CSR Form)

1- All requests must go through the Transporation Services administrative office for review and approval.
2- All charters must be booked at least 14 business days in advance of the needed date. Any group submitting a CSR Form less than 14 business days prior to the reqeusted charter date is subject to a non-refundable Priority Processing Charge (PPC) if service is approved. This charge is in addition to all other rates and charges. See the Charter Rates & Charges page for the current PPC information.
3- In order to avoid a delay in processing your request, we will only accept charter requests submitted on the most recent version of our CSR Form. All information is required to be included on the form and must be typed in. Additionally, each form must be signed by someone within the chartering department who has signature authority for financial matters.
4- Even if the details are the same, a separate form must be submitted for each date and period of time that that services are being requested for.
5- We require that an Auburn University faculty or professional staff member be in charge of the group and present at the departure location at the Tiger Transit designated spot time. We will not allow a scheduled charter to proceed without this requirement being met.
6- It is at the descretion of our administrative office as to whether or not an Auburn University faculty or professional staff member will be required to accompany the group on each charter bus requested.
7- For charters to the airport, we require that a representative of the chartering department meet the driver at the designated spot time and departure location in Auburn, and accompany the driver to the airport. The representative's name and contact information is required to be included at the time of submitting the CSR Form. We will not start processing a request for service to or from the airport without this requirement being met.
8- Drivers are not permitted to leave a bus in order to locate any member of the chartering group's party.
9- The signature on the form indicates that all terms and conditions have been read and agreed to.
10-Click here to access the CSR Form.