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Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment

Importance of Integrity
The University --Auburn University, Auburn University at Montgomery, the Alabama Cooperative Extension System, and the Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station -- is dedicated to integrity in its missions of teaching, research, and outreach, and in its business activities to fulfill these missions. To maintain public trust in university operations, The Division of Institutional Compliance & Privacy oversees the University's Conflict of Interest Policy and procedures. We provide guidance to the community to ensure university compliance with applicable regulatory requirements and preserve a culture of compliance throughout all four divisions of Auburn University.

What is a conflict of interest?
A conflict of interest exists where an employee's personal interests may not be aligned with the university's best interests. For example, engaging in outside employment or activities that compete with your institutional responsibilities, hiring or supervising a family member, receiving gifts from vendors, or receiving consulting fees from a research sponsor.

Disclosing interests
The University's conflict of interest disclosure process provides an annual opportunity for employees to disclose financial and other interests that have the potential to, or have the appearance of, influencing their decision making or performance of their university responsibilities. You should complete your disclosure every July/August and update your disclosures within 30 days of any new interest or relationship that arises.

Need Assistance?

The following short courses are available through HRD:

  • UC100: Conflicts of Interest
  • UC101: Managing Conflicts of Interests
  • UC102: Conflicts of Interest and Commitment in Research and Related Activities

Dates/Times & Sign up for these courses are available through the Fast-Train link located on the Employee Tab under Professional Development and Training within the AU Access portal.

As always, feel free to call us with questions and to schedule a departmental training session.

Helpful Resources

This information will help you recognize when a conflict might exist, how to use COI-SMART to disclose it, and how to manage it appropriately.

Questions? Email or view the AU Conflict of Interest Policy for more information including the legal basis, definitions, and review procedures.

Last Updated: January 10, 2022