Alabama Statement of Economic Interests

Alabama state law (Code of Alabama § 36-25-14) stipulates that all Auburn University employees whose position(s) were budgeted at $97,000+ (per year) during the previous calendar year, or who served in a supervisory capacity (regardless of annual salary), complete a Statement of Economic Interests. AU (Main Campus, AUM, AAES, ACES) employees who met either one or both criteria, will be notified via email of the requirement to complete the form by April 30 each year. Retirees or employees who left University employment at any point during the previous year, even if they did not earn the full $97,000 during the year, are also notified via U.S. Mail. 

The Division of Institutional Compliance & Privacy notifies employees, usually in February, if they are required to submit the annual disclosure for the prior year. The online form must be completed by the end of April. 

State Law stipulates that failure to file a timely annual Statements of Economic Interests with the Ethics Commission may result in fines of $10.00 per day not to exceed $1,000.00 or be charged with a Class A misdemeanor for intentional failure to file [36-25-14(d) & (e)].

You can access and file the form on the Alabama Ethics Commission website under "Online SEI Form." There are also "Online Instructions" available for completing the form.

Employees with questions about why they must complete the form should contact our office For all other issues, contact the Alabama Ethics Commission via email or by telephone at (334) 242-2997.

*Please note, the university's conflict of interest disclosure requirement is separate from the State's SEI requirement. Some employees have to complete both disclosures (COI in the fall and SEI in the spring.)

Last updated: 01/30/2024