To participate, students must have completed the 9th grade or higher, have a minimum 3.0 high school GPA, and have a high school support form submitted by their high school principal/counselor confirming their readiness for college work.

Interested students may apply at aub.ie/auburnfirst by navigating to the "Application" page. When completing the application, choose “Auburn First.” Applicants must pay the application fee (or recieve a waiver) for the application to be finalized.

Course registration opens for spring semesters in October and for summer/fall semesters in March. When your non-refundable enrollment deposit has been received, the Auburn First student services team will enroll you in a student orientation course once registration opens. It will include helpful program information and guide you through the registration process. You must complete the student orientation to register for courses. Be sure you have activated your email account and are checking your Auburn email to receive this information.

The recommended amount of time students should spend studying for a college course is two hours a week per each credit hour enrolled. For a student taking three credit hours, the recommended amount of time that students should dedicate to studying outside of class for that course is six hours per week.

You may earn up to 24 credit hours of Auburn First coursework, not including transfer and/or AP credits.

No. Admission to Auburn University as a degree-seeking student can be achieved either through meeting the requirements for automatic admission through Auburn First OR applying through the regular admission process.

Alabama residents participating in Auburn First qualify for automatic admission to Auburn University if they achieve the following::
  • Successfully complete Auburn First coursework in two or more academic terms*
  • Maintain at least a 3.0 cumulative Auburn GPA

*Academic terms refer to individual fall, spring, and summer terms. Courses offered during the first and second mini-mesters during the summer semester are not considered separate and are counted as one summer term.

For students admitted to Auburn First in terms prior to Fall 2023, the automatic admission policy is: Alabama residents who earn at least six credit hours of approved coursework and maintain a 3.0 cumulative Auburn GPA by August 15 of their senior year qualify for automatic admission to Auburn University.

If you meet the automatic admission requirements that were in effect the term you were admitted to Auburn First, then you will be automatically admitted to Auburn University.

No. You will be taking the same courses offered to undergraduate students at Auburn University.

Auburn First courses are offered at a discounted tuition rate for both Alabama residents and non-residents. The Auburn First rate for Alabama residents is a flat fee of $550 per course. The Auburn First tuition rate for non-residents is the in-state undergraduate tuition rate ($433/credit hour for 2022-23), or $1,299/3-credit hour course or $1,732/4-credit hour course for 2022-23. Once accepted to Auburn First, all students must submit a non-refundable $250 enrollment deposit to register for courses. This deposit will be applied toward tuition.
Fulton County, GA Schools students qualify for the in-state Auburn First tuition rate while enrolled in the program.

Auburn First students will have access to Auburn University academic resources including the RBD Library, tutoring services, Office of University Writing, academic support, academic advising, Adobe Creative Cloud, and Office 365. Auburn First students do not have access to Tiger Transit, athletic tickets and events, the student recreation center, student organizations, and on-campus student events.

Students are encouraged to select courses from the Auburn First course list. These courses count toward post-secondary general education requirements and lay the foundation for academic success at the college level. High school seniors who have earned Auburn First credit are eligible to take courses outside the Auburn First course list.

No, only course tuition is covered. There may be additional expenses for textbooks and class supplies. The AU Bookstore can assist with questions about textbooks 334-844-4241.

All billing is done electronically. An email notification is sent to your Auburn University email address when you have a bill to view. You can access your eBill through AU Access.

While not required, Auburn First students are permitted to get a student ID called a Tiger Card. This ID will allow you to check out books or resources at the campus library. If you wish to get a Tiger Card visit the Tiger Card office in 261 Foy Hall.

Auburn First students who qualify for automatic admission do not receive any additional benefits or preference in housing selection or course registration as undergraduate students. In these areas, automatically admitted students receive the same benefits as students who were admitted in the first round of decisions.
By earning Auburn credit in high school, incoming freshmen who earned credit through Auburn First are eligible to purchase a football ticket package.

No. Credits earned prior to your high school graduation will not impact your eligibility for freshman scholarships.

Yes. Automatically admitted students will be required to pay an enrollment deposit as incoming freshmen to register for Camp War Eagle. This will also be applied to their first-semester tuition.

No. If you intend to take courses for dual credit, you will need to consult with your high school counselor to see how your school handles dual enrollment courses and your high school schedule. You will need to complete our course request survey to be registered for Auburn First courses. Communicating to your high school counselor that you plan to take an Auburn First course does NOT mean you are registered for that course.

Yes. An MOU will make the credit you earn through Auburn First eligible for high school credit, but it is not required to participate in Auburn First. If your school does not have an MOU with our program, you will be earning college credit only.