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Voluntary Affirmative Action Survey

The voluntary affirmative action survey is incorporated in to the on-line application that each applicant must complete to apply for the vacancy.

The value of the information to be obtained from this survey cannot be overstated.  The responses, which are summarized in an electronic Departmental EEO report, should be provided to the Dean at the conclusion of the recruitment process. The responses assist the Dean and the Provost in evaluating the unit’s recruiting efforts to attract minorities and women and in determining the value of specific advertising venues.

At no time prior to the selection of those applicants to be interviewed or the selection of the recommended candidate will the unit be advised of the gender or race/ethnicity of any applicant. The PeopleAdmin Departmental EEO Report is a useful tool to use to analyze the diversity of the pool (helpful in discussions with the Search Committee Chair).

Last Updated: October 17, 2016