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Justification to Fill a Faculty Position

(Supporting Narrative)

Prior to initiating the recruitment process a memo requesting permission to initiate the search must be approved by the Provost.  Please indicate the title, rank, and rationale for filling the position (as tied to the strategic plan) and the funding source.

For a faculty position within a department, the approval of the Department Head/Chair, Dean and Provost are required.  For a department head/chair position or for a position within a dean's office, approval of the Dean and the Provost are required.  For a dean position, the approval the Provost and the President are required.  Approval of those authorized to sign on behalf of the Department Head/Chair or Dean will not be accepted unless the designee has been approved by the Provost.

Please note that the faculty rank may be restricted, i.e. assistant professor.  The faculty rank may also be open, i.e., research, assistant/associate professor.  Any tenure-track or non-tenure track job title must be specific and must match the job title and description previously approved by the Provost.  Recruitment activity will be limited to the job title and rank(s) authorized by the Provost.

The position number must be unique to this request and subsequent posting, as it is used for budgeting purposes and for recruitment tracking.  If the position for which a unit is recruiting is a new position, a position number must be obtained from Human Resources prior to the initial request.

The budgeted salary refers to salary dollars currently budgeted on the position number. Budgeted salary does not refer to the salary range or to the anticipated salary of the person selected as a result of the recruitment process. For a new position, the budgeted salary will be zero.

Auburn University is an affirmative action/equal employment opportunity employer and conducts competitive recruitment for positions to identify and attract a diverse and qualified candidate pool to ensure that the best qualified talent is being acquired at the University.

Last Updated: October 17, 2016