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Development of Recruitment Strategy

When developing a recruitment strategy, the search committee must be mindful of the University’s commitment to recruit the best faculty available and a faculty that is diverse.  The search committee should familiarize itself with the department’s minority recruitment plan to ensure that the strategies and activities outlined in that plan are fully incorporated into the recruitment plan for the position.

The recruitment strategy that is developed must be sufficiently broad based to reasonably expect that qualified women and minorities will be made aware of the position availability and encouraged to apply for the position.  It is expected that contact will be made with traditionally black colleges and universities, as well as with major institutions graduating the highest numbers of minority (including black, Asian, Hispanic, and other) doctoral students, with terminal degree programs in the discipline being recruited. 

Once each year, the Provost will place block ads for the University (perhaps in The Chronicle of Higher Education, Diverse Issues in Higher Education, and/or Women in Higher Education).  Those block ads will include a listing of anticipated position vacancies as provided by the Dean of each college/school.  The block ad will not satisfy the advertising requirement for foreign nationals (see paragraph 2 in section “Preparation of Position Announcement”). The search committee may wish to place an individual ad in one or more of these minority publications, but if the position in question is included in one of the block ads, further ad placement is solely within the purview of the Dean, who may or may not require an individual ad placement for the position.  If the position has not been listed in one of the block ads, and the department is underutilized for women or minorities, an effort should be made to advertise in a publication geared toward that audience.

Professional journals, organizations, meetings, and conferences specific to the area of recruitment are excellent venues for initiating contact with qualified faculty within the discipline or specialization sought for the position.  Graduate programs at other institutions and networking with former Auburn doctoral students may generate potential applicants.

It is strongly recommended that the search committee utilize the college/school or departmental web site to announce the position vacancy and to utilize other online sites which may be available.  The committee may consider utilizing printed media sources to provide a brief statement regarding position availability and then refer potential applicants to the unit web site or other online site for complete information.

Information concerning traditionally black college and universities is available at the Auburn University AA/EEO web site
Information concerning major institutions graduating the highest number of minority doctoral student is available at -  This is the web site for “Diverse Issues in Education.” 

Last Updated: March 23, 2017