Administrative team:

  • Ash Abebe, Department Chair
  • Dmitry Glotov, Associate Chair and UPO
  • Yanzhao Cao, Associate Chair and GPO
  • Nedret Billor, Statistics and Data Science Coordinator

Graduate Studies Committee:

  • Yanzhao Cao - ex officio
  • Mark Carpenter (2023)
  • Elvan Ceyhan (2023)
  • Le Chen (2023)
  • Ziqin Feng  (2022)
  • Junshan Lin (2022)
  • Hans-Werner van Wyk (2021)

Undergraduate Studies Committee:

  • Dmitry Glotov - ex officio
  • Thi Thao Phuong Hoang (2020)
  • Melinda Lanius (2023)
  • Rob Molinari (2022)
  • Songling Shan (2023)
  • Thomas Whitt (2022)
  • Richard Zalik (2023)

Colloquium Coordinator:

  • Guanqun Cao

Faculty Awards Committee:

  • Peng Zeng (chair)
  • Le Chen
  • Jerzy Szulga

Undergraduate Advisors -- Applied Mathematics -- Actuarial Science (ACTU):

  • Maggie Han

Undergraduate Advisors -- Mathematics/Statistics Minors:

  • Nedret Billor (on statistics course selection)
  • Dmitry Glotov (on mathematics course selection)

Actuarial Math Program Contacts:

  • Dmitry Glotov
  • Maggie Han


Hans-Werner van Wyk

MAA Liaison Officer

Maggie Han

AU Library Liaison Officer

Hans-Werner van Wyk

Departmental Photographer

Doug Leonard

Putman Math Competition

Andras Bezdek

American Math Competition

Andras Bezdek

Director of Math Tutoring Center

Dmitry Glotov

Math & Stats Librarian

Huajun Huang

Retired Faculty Liaison

Gary Gruenhage

Web Manager

Beth Fletcher

COSAM Committees

  • Research Advisory Committee: Junshan Lin
  • Graduate Student Travel Award Committee: Ziqin Feng
  • GPO Committee: Yanzhao Cao
  • Dean’s Advisory Council: Ash Abebe
  • Curriculum Committee: Dmitry Glotov
  • COSAM Promotion and Tenure Committee: Ash Abebe, Maggie Han, Nedret Billor
  • COSAM Budget Advisory Committee: Yanzhao Cao

University or Senate Committees

  • AU Academic Program Review Committee: Yanzhao Cao
  • Curriculum Committee: Maggie Han
  • Core Curriculum and General Education Committee: Maggie Han
  • Graduate Council: Nedret Billor
  • Teaching Effectiveness Committee: Luke Oeding
  • Faculty Dismissal Hearing Committee: Mark Carpenter
  • Student Conduct Committee: Ziqin Feng
  • President Elect, Auburn AAUP Chapter: Luke Oeding
  • Chair of University Senate: Mark Carpenter